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South Africa’s loved cream liqueur, Strawberry Lips, has dialled up the pink in a big way this October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In a partnership with COSMOPOLITAN, Strawberry Lips is campaigning to promote body confidence, drive breast cancer awareness and raise funds for PinkDrive.

PinkDrive is an organisation that believes early detection of breast cancer will help prolong life. Breast Cancer is the number one cancer affecting women in South Africa and with one in 27 women developing the disease in their lifetime, these educational drives simply cannot be ignored.

Strawberry Lips partnered with COSMO on their #DearBoobs campaign which is out on shelf now.  Inside the issue, the #DearBoobs campaign showcases 14 local celebrities, influencers and breast cancer survivors in a series of totally unedited images. COSMO asked each woman to write a letter to her boobs entitled #DearBoobs.

Earlier this year, COSMO surveyed more than 1 800 South African women for their first-ever, national boob survey. They asked a series of breast-related questions (more than 30) and found that 60% of respondents wished their boobs looked different and 74% were either unhappy, or only kinda happy with their bodies.

“We have always supported initiatives that influence or contribute to the well-being of South African women”, says Strawberry Lips marketing manager, Vanessa Nel. “This year for Breast Cancer Awareness month, we felt it was critical to go as big as we could, with a message that was authentic as well as emotive. The #DearBoobs collaboration with COSMO really hits the mark. It is so inspiring and genuine.”

Besides the #DearBoobs feature, this self-love COSMO issue also features candid interviews with three remarkable women, who have all survived breast cancer. It is clear this disease does not discriminate regardless of age or ethnicity.. This courageous feature also includes insights and information on how to do self-examinations and what to look for.

“According to our survey, a third of women don’t do self-examinations, yet one in four has a family member who has had (or has) breast cancer”, says COSMO editor Holly Meadows. “60% of the respondents also wished their boobs looked different. That’s why this self-love issue is so important to us – it really is a celebration of all women’s bodies.”

Both Strawberry Lips and COSMO are donating a portion of proceeds during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to PinkDrive to support testing for early detection. To get involved, donate or simply be immersed in this self-love campaign, grab your issue of COSMO or connect via Strawberry Lips digital platforms.

Learn more by visiting https://strawberrylipstequila.co.za/pink-drive/ or make your own direct donation to PinkDrive at https://www.givengain.com/ap/strawberry-lips-tequila-raising-funds-for-pinkdrive-npc/


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