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24 Fun Things for Couples to do in December


If you want to do something fun and outside the box everyday this December, this list of 24 things to do in the lead up to Christmas is definitely for you!

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• Day 1: Get decorating the Christmas tree and put up lights at home.
• Day 2: Create a new holiday tradition.
• Day 3: Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
• Day 4: Try out a new hobby.
• Day 5: Christmas shop for an orphanage, place of safety or animal shelter.
• Day 6: Take a candlelit bath together.
• Day 7: Bake Christmas cakes or biscuits together
• Day 8: Write love letters to each other.
• Day 9: Make the most of the warm weather and do some fun outdoor activities.
• Day 10: Make your own ice cream.
• Day 11: Dance to all types of Christmas music.
• Day 12: Meet for a dinner date
• Day 13: Go out with friends.
• Day 14: Go watch a movie at the cinema.
• Day 15: Make Christmas wishes to each other.
• Day 16: Volunteer at an orphanage, place of safety or animal shelter.
• Day 17: Play a board game or strip poker, whatever you fancy.
• Day 18: Christmas shop for friends and family.
• Day 19: Go to a carols by candle light concert.
• Day 20: Go to or host a Christmas party with friends.
• Day 21: Watch a Christmas movie.
• Day 22: Wrap Christmas gifts together.
• Day 23: Get drunk in love and look for drinks you can make together.
• Day 24: Cook a small Christmas dinner for two or help get prepared for Christmas with the families.
• Christmas Day! Open up your presents and enjoy the day together.

You can swap around days to make the calendar best suit your daily activities and make the days to Christmas an enlightening opportunity to learn more about your partner and love them more!

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