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3 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Time Better


Ever thought that there weren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done? Then you probably haven’t been managing your time well, something which is possible.

Time management may seem like a daunting task, but it can actually be easy to accomplish. Here are a few tips to help you to manage your time better.

What is Time management?

Good time management is defined by your ability to control and plan how you spend the hours of your day to accomplish certain activities and goals by using strategies to balance day-to-day tasks, says NHS choices a health website. They can include avoiding procrastination, daily planning and prioritizing. So whether you’re applying it to your work, studies or leisure it will help you balance your life, be more focused and reduce stress.

Organize your time

I’m sure we’ve all had that nagging sensation, as you leave the house that you’ve forgotten something only to remember about it later. This happens when we have too many tasks to do that we forget about some because we didn’t plan for it. To be more organised try keeping a time diary, a to-do list, or a daily planner that holds appointments, tasks and deadlines.

Once you have completed a task from the list, cross it off and add a new one. You can also keep a schedule through using an electronic calendar as you can programme it to send you reminder emails. So make sure to carry around a pen so you can jot down tasks in your diary wherever you are.

Prioritize your tasks and goals

Planning your day is important, but if you are not prioritizing tasks then they can seem a bit too overwhelming.

Prioritising helps you to keep a balance as well as help you determine which tasks will be the most realistic, productive and rewarding to do during the day. Setting specific and realistic goals can also help you to single out what activities you need to spend time on to achieve them.

You can prioritize by rearranging a list with urgent tasks at the top or by using a letter (A-F) or number system (1-7). So make sure that at the beginning of your day, you prioritize items on your list from important/non-important to urgent/non-urgent.

Avoid Procrastination

’m sure we’ve all had tasks that we just don’t want to do, whether it’s laundry, work or studies. Tasks we should be working on right at this moment which we put it off, sometimes using other tasks as an excuse (e.g. answering calls). We dread it until it all catches up to us, then we fail because we haven’t completed it on time. This makes procrastination one of the biggest enemies of time management.

A way to beat it is by telling your-self that you will start the task by doing it for 10 minutes. Once you have kicked started it you will feel less overwhelmed about completing it.

See? Time management doesn’t have to be difficult it can actually be quite easy. So why not use these tips to help you manage your time better?

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