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3 Ways to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work


 If you ask most people, they will tell you that being in a long-distance relationship is difficult and almost never works. It’s true it can get complicated and the extra miles make some things impossible to do together, but with commitment, patience and trust you can make it work.

So here are some tips to help to keep your relationship alive from a distance.

Have a shared Goal

If you are serious about your relationship then your time spent talking with each other won’t mean anything if you don’t plan for the future. You don’t want to be in one forever eventually you want to settle down in a real time relationship. Goals help give you momentum and justification for being apart. They can include planning for the next time you meet, a vacation or permanent relocation.

So you need to talk about what the future of your relationships holds, says Keay Nigel in Life Hack. Ask yourselves, how long do we need to be apart for? Do we have a future together? Then you need to make a plan together, you can draw a time line that includes your time apart, time together and your end goal. This is so that even if you aren’t in the same time zone, you can still work towards making a future together.

Communicate often

Communicate with each other everyday Communication is essential for every long distance relationship. In a normal relationship it may seem like a bit much, but not communicating with each other every day in a long one can give rise to insecurities, says Diana Vilibert in Marie Claire. This isn’t made any easier with our busy lives, which can make daily long distant communication feel tedious and easy to neglect.


To help keep your partner updated with what is happening in your life, send them pictures, short videos, audio clips, emails and texts. Using free online applications such as Skype, Google voice, Vonage and VoxOx can help you cut phone call costs. So set aside some time every day or every week to talk to each other, even just sending a sweet text can mean the world to your partner whose miles away.

Keep the love alive and fresh

Since you don’t see them every day, it’s important that you enjoy all the extra things that your partner will do for you to keep your love alive, says the website She Knows. So it’s important that you regularly remind them how much you care. This you can do this by sending hand written love letters, postcards, writing a love song or by ordering lunch for them and having it delivered.

They will see that you put in the extra effort and will probably want to return the gesture. On special occasions such as Birthday’s or Valentine’s Day you can shop online and send them gifts, such as clothes, chocolates or sexy lingerie. Another way to keep your relationship fresh is by acting like it’s brand new by flirting, having pet names and doing all the little things that you did for each other when it was new.

Being in a long distant relationship is definitely not easy. But if you are adamant and serious about getting into one, then you can use these tips to help keep your relationship intact over the long distances.

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