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4 Air Travel Tips for a Smooth Flight


For many of us air travel is old hat, whilst for others it is a completely new experience. Although travelling is meant to be fun, air travel can sometimes prove to be a very stressful part of the journey, especially for first time flyers. Regular flyers are likely to have a tried and tested routine and know all the procedures to be followed, but those who are less familiar could benefit from some tips to make their flight go more smoothly.

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1. Make sure your booking name matches your I.D. name

This may seem completely obvious but many people make use of a nickname or a shortened version of their name in their day-to-day life and think nothing of it to use another name in any number of given social interactions. However when booking your airline tickets, one should bear in mind that whatever name you use to book the tickets matches the name on your I.D. in order to avoid any problems. At an airport there are various points that an official may ask you to present an I.D and the last thing you want or need is any confusion or hassles before you board your flight.

2. Double check the document requirement of your destination city

Many countries have their own set of rules, some of them rather unique, regarding the people that enter into their country and their accompanying documentation. Therefore to avoid transgressing any rules and getting into trouble it would be wise to double check these rules.

This may relate to the visa or certain conditions of the passport or any other conditions, for example vaccinations against certain diseases. In such cases you may not even be allowed to leave the airport and may be deported as soon as they can arrange it.

3. Know what is in your luggage

Security is probably the tightest at airports compared to in any other infrastructure, therefore it is wise to exercise caution and not to pack anything that could potentially raise a red flag. You may have a difficult time trying to explain yourself in such an event and may find land yourself in trouble even if it is an innocent mistake.

It is also important to bear in mind to keep your luggage on you or as close to you as possible so that it does not get tampered with or mistaken for a suspicious package.

4. Pack light and smart

Usually a person is allowed to check in one bag with a weight restriction, try to stick to this as failure to do this will really cost you. Often you are charged for every individual kg that is over the limit. So pack only the essentials and only what fits under the weight restriction.

Airplane travel need not be a hassle if you follow a few general tips. You can always make sure that your travel goes seamlessly as possible and that you enjoy your holiday.

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