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4 Bodyweight Exercises to do Anywhere

We all have excuses for not exercising, whether it’s not having enough time or not having any equipment at home. But you can still get a work out just by using body weight exercises. Here are 4 Bodyweight Exercises to do anywhere.

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They are not only a great way to improve your strength, flexibility, and balance, but can also be done anytime and anywhere. So here are a couple of them to help you get started.

What are body weight exercises?

These exercises build muscle, burn calories and give your metabolism a boost by using your own weight as resistance. For a full body workout, include a combination of upper and lower body exercises. Do one movement after another, 20 or 30 reps in 60 seconds, with as little rest as possible in between to keep your heart rate up.

Bodyweight Exercises to do Anywhere


Push-ups are a great way to exercise your upper body, arms and improve your core muscles. You can start by placing your hands shoulder width apart while keeping your feet flexed and tightening your core. Bend your elbows until your chest reaches the ground then push yourself back up, while making sure that your elbows are tucked in close to your body.


bodyweight exercises to do anywhere


This is one of the most intense full body work outs as it exercises almost every muscle in your body including your chest, arms, quads, hamstrings, abs and glutes. Because of this it can speed up your metabolism and burn 50% more fat than other moderate exercises.

Start by getting yourself into a low squat position with your hands in front of you on the floor. Kick your feet back so that your chest hits the floor and you land in a push-up position. Bow up your chest and return your feet back to your hands quickly. Immediately leap up as high as you can before returning back to the original position.



4 Bodyweight Exercises to do Anywhere


There are different types of squats that you can do to help strengthen your lower body. A standard squat starts by standing up with your back straight while having your feet parallel. Then slowly crouch bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Make sure that your shoulders are pulled back, core is tight and your heels don’t rise off the floor. If you want more of a challenge then try a squat jump. This one starts out the same, but as soon as you reach the bottom of the squat, then jump up energetically while straightening your legs.



4 Bodyweight Exercises to do Anywhere


This is a great compound exercise as it strengthens your shoulders, core, abs, arms and glutes. Get into a push-up position, then bend your elbows at 90 degrees and placing your weight on your forearms. Place your elbows directly beneath your shoulders making sure that your body forms a straight line from your head to your feet.

Try and hold this position for 2 minutes. Even though it’s performed without movement, it can still be a challenging exercise. So don’t feel discouraged if you only manage to do 30 seconds on your first try. If you want something more challenging, then lift up one leg at a time and then one arm at a time while trying to stay in position.

Now that you know these simple body weight exercises, why not try them out the next time you’re in the office, a hotel room or even in your own living room?

Written by Dana da Silva

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