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4 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job

Didn't get the job

So you just walked out of what you thought was a great interview, only to be told a few days later that you didn’t get the job. You may not have realized it but there are certain factors, other than the interview, that could have contributed to this. Here are a few reasons why you may not have been hired and ways in which you can improve on them.

Your resume was unorganized and full of mistakes

Your resume is what determines whether or not you even get an interview in the first place. So before you send it you need to check that it’s organized and doesn’t have any spelling mistakes or else you’ll come off as incompetent.

The cover letter and resume need to be clear and concise, so give it to one other person to proof read before sending it. Make sure to keep all the relevant information or job experience and cut out what’s outdated.

Bad-mouthed your current or former employer?

You were just fired from you’re current job after being with them for years and surviving the worst boss you ever had. Even if that is the case, you need to keep this information to yourself during any interview. It’s not smart to bad mouth your former employer or colleagues in front of your future one, they may think that you’ll do the same to your potential co-workers.

It may be difficult but it’s important that you take the high road. Regardless of the reasons why you left, don’t mention anything bad about your past company and boss. Rather say that you were grateful for all the opportunities they gave you, but you are looking for a company that will be able to provide you with more prospects.

You’re references didn’t back you up

You’ve cleared the resume and interview stage, but then you get a call and saying that you didn’t get the job. When you ask why, you’re told that you’re references didn’t support you. It is often in the last step of the hiring process that references can come in and either guarantee the position or kill the opportunity.

You need to manage and check up on your references. Do this by staying in touch with them so you have their current contact information and know if they’re available to speak to an employer. It’s important that you know they’ll give you a good recommendation. So you need to prepare them by giving them a copy of your resume and the job description.

Check your social media and internet presence

You wouldn’t think it but your social media and internet presence can contribute to you not getting the job. In this day and age most companies will do their research into your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn during the hiring process. What they find can impact on whether or not you get an interview.

It’s not just the digital dirt that could send them packing. They also check whether you use social media to complain about your issues or if you use them to really inspire people. You can improve your internet presence by publishing articles showing your expertise, having a profile that shows you have the right connections and contributing to blogs.

You may not have gotten the job this time round, so next time why not use the above to check if any of these factors could be preventing you from landing your dream career.

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