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4 Tips For Great Home Made Facials

Women have been fascinated with skin care since the time when Cleopatra ruled over Egypt. Back then they would use snails, honey, flowers, barely and animal horns to make their facials.

Today’s skin care ingredients may have become less interesting, but treatments have become more expensive. Taking care of your skin shouldn’t have to cost you an arms and a leg, so here are some tips for great home-made facials for any skin type.



1. Make a Scrub

face scrub

Remember, you must first prepare your skin before you do your facial. You can start by exfoliating as it removes dead skin so that your remedy can be fully absorbed by your skin. Make your own scrub using 2 tablespoons of pomegranate seeds, honey and butter as well as 1 cup of uncooked oats. Throw it all in a blender until it becomes a paste and then apply it in a circular motion.

You can also make a scrub using 1 teaspoon of honey and of olive oil as well as a packet of plain oatmeal. Combine the honey and olive oil and prepare the oat meal separately, using less water to make it thicker. Add them together and then apply.


2. Oily Skin

oily skin

If you have oily skin then you’re probably tackling large pores that produce excess oil. When making a facial mask look for ingredients such as apples, Aloe Vera, oranges, bananas, lemon, yogurt and honey as they will nourish your skin without making it oilier.

How you may ask? Well what these have in common is that they have natural acid that minimizes pores and removes extra oil.  So make a facial mask with 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt, 2 teaspoons of orange juice (add a bit of the pulp) and 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera. Mix these well and apply to your face, leaving it for 10 minutes.

3. Dry Skin

dry skin

If you’re suffering from dry skin then make a mask using ingredients such as chocolate, milk, honey, olive oil and ripe bananas. And yes I know what you’re thinking, time to make a chocolate facial mask!

Mix, 1 tablespoon of milk cream, cocoa powder, oatmeal, cottage cheese and 4 table spoons of milk. Apply the paste to your face leaving it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and yes you can eat it after you take it off! If you’re looking to not put on weight then use this recipe: Combine 2 tablespoons of honey, sour cream and 1 tablespoon of lime juice. Apply the mix to your face and leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.


4. Normal Skin

beautiful skin

If you have normal skin, then count your lucky stars. Even though you don’t need to do as much maintenance, your skin stills needs TLC every now and again. Look for ingredients such as peaches, carrots, oranges, limes, strawberries and papayas to make a facial mask, says Priya, a writer for Medilogy.  You can make one by mixing yogurt and strawberries together into a paste. Leave it on your skin for a couple of minutes and then wash it off or keep it as a healthy snack for later.

Now that you know how, go home, ruffle through your kitchen and make your own facial mask recipe suited to your skin.

Written by Megan Mc Kinlay

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