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4 Tips to Boost Your Healthy Living Instantly


For some of us, the start of the year could have been the umpteenth time at attempting to fully immerse in a healthy lifestyle. . . is this you?

Welcoming the third month of the year and some of us are less thrilled than others as one of the resolutions to improve an unhealthy eating lifestyle have gone astray and thus ended up wallowing in guilt.

What do the words “healthy lifestyle” even mean?

Leading nutritionists have summarised it as consuming five reasonably portioned meals at regular intervals, snacking on fruits and/or vegetables twice a day and maintaining hydration with at least 8 glasses of water a day.

We often blame a busy schedule for our bad eating habits like skipping meals and consuming quick but unhealthy convenience foods. If this resonates with your life, then it’s time to finally take control and begin to prioritize healthy eating. Simply follow the four easy steps explained below.

• Gradual Change
We should think of the process of overcoming unhealthy eating habits not as a sprint race but more like a very slow ultra-marathon. Gradual changes can be achieved by not being too restrictive with your diet. Utilise healthy food substitutes like butter for vegetable oil and fat free frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream, not forgetting to always have your meal grilled instead of fried. It is important to still enjoy your food.

• Eating & Exercise
Once you begin implementing your gradual changes in your eating lifestyle, the next step is to combine that with exercise. A maximum 30 minute workout a day is sufficient to achieve exemplary results. A workout schedule routine can be incorporated in your life by assessing your current situation, allocating convenient times along with simple exercises focusing mainly on the cardiovascular muscles.

• Meal Planning
This step introduces us to the concept of saving money and time. Just by deciding on a weekly menu and remembering to opt for simple meals and then preparing a grocery list in advance, the advantages prove to be plentiful. With planning meals ahead of time you eliminate the problem of wasting food, you save time and you also avoid the temptation of finding yourself in a fast food drive thru.

• Mindful Eating
Finally, this deals on HOW you eat vs what you eat. In choosing to eat mindfully, which involves paying attention to the food you consume, you are less likely to be unsatisfied at the end of your meal. The crucial factors in mindful eating are being aware of your surroundings, most importantly this means eating without being distracted as this may lead you to being full but not satisfied; something that normally happens when one is watching television.

Remembering to sit down whilst eating and appreciating the company in your presence are both fundamental and instrumental in mindful eating.

You deserve to live a life which encourages you to make healthy lifestyle decisions. Overcoming the inconveniences of eating well start with you!

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