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4 Ways to Save on Petrol Costs

Saving petrol

Thought of getting a fuel efficient car but didn’t have the money to do so? There are easier ways to save on petrol that don’t involve you breaking your piggy bank. So here are a couple of easy tips to help you to save on fuel:

Don’t idle unnecessary

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or starting up your car on a winter day, idling only wastes fuel, produces emissions and is bad for your engine. Various experts have different suggestions on when you should turn off your engine. So when should you switch it off?

Whether you do it after 10 seconds or several minutes, just paying attention to how often you idle can help you determine how much you need to cut down. If afterwards you’re still unsure then switch off your engine if your car has been idling for more than a minute, as it wastes more petrol then just restarting your engine.

Maintain your car regularly

Regularly maintaining your car can help you save on fuel as irregular checks could cause problems such as reduced fuel economy, increased emissions, blocked filters and poor oil performance. So if your car needs to get serviced be sure that it gets a tune up as it can improve your mileage by 4%.

Start by changing your car’s oil regularly and verify that you’re using the right grade. Check your tire pressure at least once a month to increase your mileage by 3.3%, as under-inflated tires increase your cars rolling resistance as well as affect its’ breaking and handling –  these little tweaks can help to increase your car’s fuel economy.

Turn off the air-conditioner

During the hot summer days you may be tempted to run the air-conditioning, but what you might not know is that it drains power from the engine and can use up to 25% more fuel. But having your windows open can increase drag and eat away at your fuel as your car becomes less aerodynamic. So which do you go with?

If you’re travelling over 60mph and the heat is too much, then you may be better off turning on the air-con instead of having your windows down. If you’re going over that speed, opening the windows would just increase drag and cost you more fuel than having the air-con on.

Adjust your driving
Traffic jams and slow drivers may get your road rage going, but being an angry driver will only cost you more money. Driving smoothly, using higher gears and avoiding sharp breaking and accelerating can save you up to 30% on fuel.

When it comes to traffic lights what you should do is accelerate slowly away from a green light and gradually stop when you’re reaching a red light. You should also use the car’s momentum and take advantage of the engines idle revs. Do this by changing gears when you’ve reached 2,500 revs per minute and for diesel cars change at 2,000 revs to be more fuel efficient.

You don’t have to buy a fuel-efficient car to save on fuel, by using these tips you can start to save money that would otherwise be wasted on excessive stops at the petrol station.

Dana Da Silva

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