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5 Bad Weekend Behaviours to Avoid

Bad Weekend Behaviours to avoid

You’ve been working hard all week, eating healthily and going to the gym. Once the weekend arrives, it’s time to reward yourself with a much needed break. However, bad weekend behaviours could be jeopardising all the hard work you’ve been putting in and should be avoided.

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Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a serious issue and should be avoided at all costs as it can cause long term health problems and hospitalisation. Alcohol contains calories and leads to weight gain.

Tip: Drink wine, but in moderation – it has antioxidants which is healthy. Avoid drinks that have a very high sugar content and know your limits.

Unhealthy Eating

This is one that we may all be guilty of. Here are some of the worst weekend eating habits and how to correct them:

  • Mindless Eating: If you are eating while busy watching TV, you are consuming unknowingly and may eat more than you need to
  • Low Fat Foods: When fats are missing from products, more often than not it has been replaced with chemicals and can cause a sugar-crash effect
  • Snacking: Too many snacks can disrupt your eating routine, affecting your body’s ability to send hunger signals. This can cause health problems and an intake of extra calories
  • Skipping Breakfast: It is still the most important meal of the day! Skipping it impacts your digestive system and metabolism

Tip: Concur all of the habits by taking the time to whip up a delicious breakfast in bed and then later on enjoy a wholesome family meal at the table.

(Social) Smoking

We’ve all heard it before: Smoking is bad for your health. But did you know that even social smoking can be just as bad? It puts you at a risk of lung cancer and heart and respiratory disease. It can also affect your ability to keep fit.

Tip: No smoking, period.

TV Marathons

You’ve got the DVD box set of Sex and The City which can only mean one thing, right? A TV marathon, where you just sit back and laze around all day. As fun as that may be, it could set you off for a bad week ahead. There are an array of negative bodily impacts, such as the toll it takes on your blood fats and sugar levels. Not to mention stressing your lower back and slowing down your digestion and lymph flow.

Tip: By all means, enjoy a TV marathon once in a while. Just make sure to take some active breaks in between.

Sleeping Habits

There are so many reasons for our sleeping habits to go off course over the weekend, from waking up late to staying up late. Make sure that you get enough sleep by aiming for 6-8 hours a night. Anything less can weaken your immune system and impact negatively on the next day. When staying up late, try to avoid late night snacking as it can cause weight gain.

Tip: Get more than enough sleep by sleeping in a little longer. You deserve it!

Follow these tips to avoid bad weekend behaviours – your body will thank you for it!

Written by Shannon Correia

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