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5 Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

In case you missed all of the chocolate hearts and romantic gifts on sale, Valentine’s Day is around the corner! If food is the way to the heart, these 5 delicious Valentine’s Day recipes should have you breaking hearts in no time.

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Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Pancakes served with mascarpone and berries

Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

Pancakes are simple to make if you follow the tried and tested recipe below. You can even make the batter the night before!

Method: Mix 1 cup of flour, a pinch of salt and teaspoon of baking powder in a bowl. Then add 1 egg and 1 cup of milk (gradually), mixing with a fork or whisk until smooth. Rest for 20 minutes before frying on a hot, lightly oiled pan. Serve with whipped cream and an assortment of berries. A good breakfast can set your Valentine’s Day off to an amazing start!


 Dinner For 2

Light the candles and set the table, ready for a night in. Follow this mouthwatering Beef Fillet with Mushroom Gratin Recipe, by none other than Gordon Ramsey. According to Ramsey, it is “the ultimate indulgence”, making it perfect for Valentines! Learn how to make it by watching this video:

Chocolate Decadence

Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

Make some homemade chocolate truffles! You’ll be impressed as to how easy and versatile they can be for a romantic bite this Valentines.

Method: Melt 300ml cream with 50g butter. Add to 300g chocolate and stir until the chocolate has melted. At this point, you can split the mixture and add liquor or citrus flavourings of your choice. Chill in the fridge for 4 or more hours. When you are ready to eat the truffles, simply use a spoon to roll bite-size portions and coat with a topping of your choice, such as nuts, cocoa and coconut.

Cocktail Love Hour: Pepper & Strawberry Cocktail

Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

Cocktails are not only delicious, but can help break the ice this Valentines.

Method: Dissolve half a cup of sugar in an equal amount of water, along with a small handful of peppercorns. Once dissolved, set aside for 10 minutes before straining. Add this syrup to a couple of slightly smashed strawberries, a good squeeze of lemon juice and some gin in a martini shaker. The amounts can vary according to personal taste.


Chocolate fondue!

Delicious Valentine’s Day Recipes

There are an array of fondue sets available on the market. Simply melt chocolate in the middle and have an assortment of items to dip and taste. Try fruit, marshmallows, biscuit twills, meringues… get creative. Don’t have a fondue set? Just use a small bowl and skewers.



These 5 delicious recipes are quick, easy and perfect for enhancing this upcoming Valentine’s Day. They are sure to bring you truffle loads of joy.

Written by Sannon Correia

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