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5 Early Pregnancy Signs

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Are you wondering if you might be pregnant? Here are a couple of early warning signs that you can look out for. Early Pregnancy Signs
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1. Changing breasts

Are your breasts feeling, sensitive, tingly, sore or swollen? These may be signs that you’re pregnant. This is because you’re hormone levels rapidly change a week or two after conception. It also causes the area around your nipple, the areola, to darken and the veins on your chest to become more defined.

The swelling and soreness will seem like an exaggerated version of how your breasts feel just before your period. But once your body has become accustomed to the changes in hormone levels, after a few weeks, the pain should ease.

2. Fatigue and exhaustion

Are you feeling more tired or exhausted than usual? If you’re pregnant you could start to feel fatigued as early as one week after conception. This is may be because of lowered blood sugar levels, low blood pressure, a boost in blood production or due to an increase in the level s of a hormone called progesterone.

So if you are pregnant, be sure to get plenty of rest and eat foods that are rich in iron and protein. You’ll slowly start to feel your energy coming back after the second trimester, but it will return late in the pregnancy.

3. Morning Sickness

This is one of the most well-known symptoms of pregnancy. Not every woman will get it, but those who do can feel nauseous from 6 weeks or as early as a week or two after conception. The exact cause isn’t known but the pregnancy hormones are likely to be a contributor. It most commonly occurs in the morning, but you can get struck with it any time of the day.

At which point some of the foods you used to crave, you might not be able to stand and just thinking about them can turn your stomach. These symptoms can last throughout the whole pregnancy but they normally subside as you get into the second trimester. So in the meantime be sure to eat foods that will help settle your tummy such as ginger biscuits and crackers.

4. Cramping and Spotting

A few days after conception, the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of your uterus. This can cause two of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy, spotting and cramping. It can occur anywhere from 6 to twelve days after the egg has been fertilized. The slight bleeding and cramps will resemble menstrual cramps, so you may mistake it for the start of your period.

Besides the bleeding you might also spot a milky white discharge from your vagina. This is due to the thickening of the vagina’s wall, which starts almost immediately after conception. The increased growth of the cells, which line the vagina, is what causes this discharge.

5. Missed your Period

This is the most obvious sign that you are pregnant, and is what motivates most women to get a pregnancy test. However, having a missed period may not always be due to pregnancy. It may be because you lost or gained too much weight, fatigue, hormonal problems, stress or other possibilities. But if you’re late and in your mind you think pregnancy might be a possible, be sure to take a test.

So next time you think that you might have a bun in the oven, look through this list to see if your body is showing any of the tell-tale signs.

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