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5 Easy Steps to Write a Marketing Proposal

Everyone who’s contemplated starting a business has probably wondered how to write a Marketing Proposal. You probably went online and got some templates to use, or some long guidelines to follow. Despite all your research, you have either moved on without a proposal because of the confusion caused. So here are easy to follow Steps to Write a Marketing Proposal.
Writing your proposal doesn’t have to be that complicated! All you have to do is follow these steps to nail it!

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Identify Problem, Target & Solution:

Identifying a problem in the market and offering assistance is one way to get a company in need to be your client. Do intensive research on the company of your client and what their current market situation is. Focus on key areas and analyse ways to eliminate obstacles and create/offer accurate solutions.


Always outline what you want to achieve. The mission and vision statement of your business and the purpose it would serve to your client. Keep it short, convincing and achievable. Highlight how your mission & vision would be beneficial to your client and their business.

Time Management:

Identify within which time period you want to execute all the goals and objectives. Keep within a measurable time frame for each task, ensuring that all objectives are met within given time periods. Time management is very important especially when it involves not only your business but also the one of your client. Keep to the time schedule and you’ll be sure to reach & exceed yours as well as your client’s expectations.


Setting up the budget for your proposal can be time consuming, break it down and analyse the information. Make sure your budget is realistic in terms of what it is for and how much it will cost.

Benefit to Client:

This is your unique selling point to your client. Whatever you have pitched throughout your proposal should demand action on behalf of your client. State why your services will be beneficial and why what you have on offer serves as a competitive edge against your and their competitors.

With steps like these you are bound to lay a solid foundation. Creating a solid Marketing proposal is what will get your foot in the door. Use the guidelines as a skeleton to start. Then make use of your creativity and business-minded personality to execute your plan.

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