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5 Great Easter Breakaways

Great Easter Breakaways


Easter is a favourite holiday for many; the stress is less and the expectations are lower than on Christmas. No wonder it is the perfect holiday for retreating, relaxing and just enjoying the time off with your family. We have gathered 5 great Easter breakaways for inspiration and to awaken a longing for the mountains, the beach or the bush. Safe travel!

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Camping Trips

Bring your family and little ones on a camping experience just by the beach. Camping is not only a great breakaway from your everyday life, but living simple is also relaxing and brings your family closer. Imhoff Park has all of this for you; it is located close to Cape Town city centre, but still far enough out to give you some peace and quiet for the Easter. Get ready for the magnificent view over the famous Chapmans Peak and Hout Bay harbour. Combine your camping trip with a journey along the famous Garden Route for an unforgettable Easter breakaway.

Mountain Resorts

Why not make time for some hiking and spectacular views on your Easter Breakaway? Located in the northern Drakensberg awaits The Cavern, which is close to the Royal Natal National Park. Not only is it a great family resort, but it also offers a wide range of activities like horseback riding and fly fishing – which April is perfect for. Discover the ancient bushman paintings, the incredible nature and all the animals it shelters. If you love nature, activities and beautiful scenery, you will be sure to feel at home here. Discover your own country this Easter and enjoy its captivating nature.

Beach Breakaway

An Easter breakaway to the beach will not disappoint anyone in the family. April may not be the month you associate with beach life, even though the weather is still warm enough. It is in fact a perfect month for a beach holiday; the accommodation is cheaper and the beaches less crowded. South Africa has lots of family-friendly holiday options to choose from; Palm Springs Resorts in East London is just one of many. Here you can enjoy the private access to beautiful beaches and discover a diversity of bird and animal life. It is the perfect option for a large group – in case you decide to bring your relatives with as well. Take a break, lean back and enjoy some long Easter breakfasts on your breakaway.

Bush Adventure

If you want a vacation filled with excitement and fun you should head straight to Kruger National Park. The vast landscape and spectacular animals will give you a great Easter breakaway out of the ordinary. You may camp or chose a self-catering cottage or why not go all in with a five star hotel? No matter what your budget is – Kruger has it. Flying to Skukuza’s airport will be the easiest way to get there, but you may also fly to Nelspruit from both Johannesburg and Cape Town. There are many other brilliant national parks you should not miss out on; this article gives you an extensive collection of the very best.

City Life

An Easter in the city is often more quiet when it is holiday. Bring your cosmopolitan family on an unforgettable and luxurious experience to Holiday Inn Sandton, Rivonia Road. Here you can enjoy the offers of a big city, and lose yourself in a shopping mecca. The big city might be weary if you live there, but when on holiday you will find it both enchanting and surprisingly relaxing. Enjoy cocktails to the sunset, walk slowly hand-in-hand down the streets and let the city guide you. When leaving your work-mind at home, you will find that the city captures you in a completely different way. Check out this article for other great holiday spots just by the city.

The Easter should be dedicated to family-time, relaxation and new experiences. Leave the stress and worries at home; rather bring your family on a great Easter breakaway you will never forget. Camping, mountain, beach, bush or city – you will love your new favourite holiday until the very last day of it.

Written by Marte Klausen

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