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5 Great Halloween Date Ideas

Movie Night

Halloween doesn’t have to be just for kids running around in costumes. You too can plan a romantic night out with a ghostly twist. Here are some Halloween Date Ideas on what you can do with your date on the scariest night of the year.

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1. Ahhh Zombies!

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a Zombie? Now you can by taking part in one of the zombie runs or games across the country. There’s the Cape Town Zombie Walk, where as a zombie you go hunting for brains. The walk itself is free so you only need to get your date to pay for your after party ticket.

In Johannesburg, Zombie Run South Africa is hosting a survival skills game on the 25th of October where you can enter as a runner or zombie. As a runner you’re just given a map and left to navigate the course while having zombies shuffle after you. Where ever you are you should be able to find similar event s that will have you literally running for the hills.

2. Movie Night

Looking for a night out that will give you an excuse to cuddle up with your date? Then look for screenings of horror and gore filled movies on all hallows eve. For example, there’s the 9th annual HORRORFEST which will be taking place on the 31st at the Labia theatre in Cape Town.

They will have screenings of some of the most famous horror movies, short films and documentaries. If you can’t find any of your own, then have your own horror movie night marathon in your home.

3. Ghost Tour’s

Want to be scared out of your mind this Halloween? Then why not sign yourself up for a ghost tour! There is a Mystery Ghost bus tour that can be found in major cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

There you get to listen to EVP recordings, ghost stories, recordings and learn about the scientific explanations for ghosts. There are many other tours across the country, so be sure to book yours.

4. Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

Are you a fan of those mystery novels, where you’re trying to figure out who killed who with what? Well you and your date can take part in an actual murder mystery this 31st of October. In Cape Town, Bepartofthemystery.com is running a murder mystery dinner especially for this Halloween. If you find anywhere else that’s throwing one, then why not plan your own?

5. Costume Parties

Want an excuse to dress up in a couple’s costume? Look no further than a Halloween party. They are happening all over the place, in Cape Town there’s the 6th Sense trance party, Durban the Origin is throwing one and in Johannesburg there’s one at the Five6seven8 Dance Studio.

Then all you need to do is find a costume that works for the two of you. There are many examples out there such as, Mario and Princess Peach, Ash and Pikachu, Jasmine and Aladdin, Mickey and Minnie, Jack and Sally; and many more.

Now you have no excuse to stay indoors this Halloween, so pick from one of these ideas and take you date out for a night of terror.

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