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The 5 Minute Quick Fix For Puffy Eyes

You’ve done it again, had a late night and now your eyes are worse for wear. Isn’t it enough that you’ve suffered all night long? Now you have to wear bags under your eyes – and no, they’re not Gucci. I always use these tips and tricks to banish my eye bags when I’ve been up too late on a Netflix bender (who’s with me?) and I can honestly say as well as cooling my eyes down and banishing those bags, it actually wakes me up!

First, wake yourself up with a spritz of cold water!

When I first wake up, I use a cold flannel on my face. It might seem like a bit of an obvious tip but it’ll wake you up and constrict those blood vessels. I know we’re getting technical, but this is the absolute best way to constrict blood vessels and reduce dark tones.

Next, Find Two Spoons

Locate two small spoons and place them into a refrigerator for five to ten minutes. Or run the spoons under cold water from a faucet or place them in a cup of ice. Lie down or sit down in a chair that allows you to lean your head back. Place the spoons over each of your eyes with the cupped portion facing down toward your eyes.

Leave the spoons in place for 30 to 60 seconds to begin reducing the swelling and then remove them.

Finally, I do a little massage

Doesn’t this seem like part of a spa treatment? Massage some eye cream around your eyes.  You might think you don’t need an eye cream, but trust me, this is my favorite for a reason. It works super fast to give you hydrated and moisturized eyes.

I find that it’s not enough just to pat it in, so I follow the six-point eye massage, basically, you need to use your middle fingers and press down on the corners of your outer eye. Then move on to the center of your lower eye, then again to the inner corners. Now move up to press to the top inner corner of your eyebrow, then again with the center of your brow, to follow on to your outer corner of your brow. Repeat this as many times as you want! I do it for around two minutes and am basically ready to go out of the door afterward. This a form of massage that helps the excess fluid drain out of the eye area.

Quick Tip: Pick Your Product

“You should look for products that can cool the eye area and rejuvenate the skin to reduce puffiness. Product options may include a cream or a gel. Products with anti-inflammatory ingredients, caffeine, and antioxidants will be helpful in reducing puffiness,” explains Dr. Nussbaum. If you’re looking for a product that promotes youthful looking skin in general, Dr. Nussbaum says that she points her clients to eye creams or night creams that incorporate vitamin E and vitamin B, as well as natural antioxidants.

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