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5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Cards


Cards are an essential part of Valentine’s Day gifts, yet they are often underestimated. The card’s format, image and words can influence the way in which your gift and your feelings are perceived. These great Valentine’s Day cards are perfect for every type of partner.

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Long Distance Relationship

Valentine’s Day cards for long distance relationships tend to hold more prominence and meaning. Spend time finding the right card and make it extra special by spritzing some of your favourite perfume inside, or even stamping it with a lipstick stained kiss to seal it. Make sure that your card is personal, by adding a letter or photo’s. Be inspired by European traditions where St. Valentine’s keys are sent to lovers as a romantic gesture, allowing the receiver to open the giver’s heart.

The Anti-Valentine

There are many people who don’t enjoy Valentine’s Day, and your partner may be one of them. For some, it is seen as shallow and in some countries Valentine’s Day is banned. Despite this, many people do celebrate the day, even if it is done in secret. Send a card that ridicules the day (in a funny way) if your Valentine does not support the day in all of its sentimental glory. Love is celebratory and able to cross boundaries; even religious ones (It is seen as a Christian holiday as it originated in Saint Valentine).

The Over-The-Top Valentine

Valentine’s Day is filled with people who are in love with love. You’ll know them when you see them, wearing either pink or red, smiling all day long and wishing everyone around them a happy day. If your Valentine is one of these people, the pressure is on. Go the extra mile to make sure that this Valentine’s Day will be their best yet. Instead of sending one card, send many in different formats, from conventional store bought ones, to e-cards and possibly even a homemade card. Leaving notes to be found throughout the day is another great idea!

The Last Minute Valentine

Valentine’s Day can tend to sneak up on people, leaving them in a last minute dash to the store. Bear in mind that it’s the thought that counts and something sweet and simple will be most effective. Getting a card for your loved one is a great way of showing that you care and can carry more meaning than gifts.

Anonymous Valentine

Sending anonymous cards is a fun part of Valentine’s Day, but it can be increasing difficult to do in today’s day and age. If you aren’t able to slip the card to your special love interest, send it with a gift parcel or simply search the web for free and anonymous online cards. When signing the card, make sure that you include a mysterious hint about your identity. Good luck!

These 5 perfect Valentine’s Day Cards are inspirational, unconventional and fitting for almost every partner. Which one applies to you?

Written by Shannon Correia

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