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4 Relationship Experts to Avoid


Everyone thinks they are an expert about relationships, yet no one wants to be an expert in their own relationship.

Relationships are a joint partnership and no one else has shares in it. If you have people that have shares in your relationship then maybe it is time to review that strategy.

Ever heard of the saying that; “three is a crowd”?

It is true and too many relationships have ended because instead of focusing on your own relationship you let someone else do it for you. It is not entirely your fault as some people can be very persistent and influential but you always need to be 10 steps ahead.

Here are 4 relationship experts to avoid:
1. His best friend: his friends become your friends and yours become his but remember that your relationship remains yours. That means that it is just between the two of you.

2. The player: The last thing you want to do is take relationship advice from someone who can’t even sustain one.

3. The friendly ex: It is a mature effort when the ex-girlfriend wants to befriend you. This doesn’t make you best friends, it just means you are not enemies. Relationship advice from your partner’s ex either means you’ll end up an ex or she will be his next girlfriend. Be on high alert at all times around them.

4. Your bitter lonely friend: This friend always wants company in her pity party  –  she will say anything to discredit your relationship.

Make it clear to your peers that your relationship is off-limits and that their advice will be asked for when needed. However, this does not mean that you should stay clear of all advice, it simply means keep your eyes and ears open.

Your relationship is both you and your partner’s fault if it fails and both your victory when a success. The effort you put in will be as much as you get out.  A relationship is a full-time job and it constantly needs to be worked on. Surround yourself with positive energy and positive relationships as these inspire you to build on what you have.

Pray for your relationship. Faith is real and when strengthened it can never be shaken. Believe and trust in your partner and they will do the same.

By Sinesipho Mbandazayo

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