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5 Simple Confidence Boosters

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We are all so used to criticism, from others and ourselves. While criticism can be good, we often get the negative type, the type that brings us down.

When moments like these occur, it is important that we realise our self-worth and remember that oftentimes, the opinions of others should not manifest themselves in your life.

How we view ourselves proves that we are aware of our self-worth. Confidence is about living a life, not bound by the confines of society, but by what we consider best for ourselves having full belief in our own beauty, ability, strength, and intelligence.

So how does one boost one’s self-confidence? These five super simple confidence boosters will have you soaring and feeling like taking on the world, no matter what trouble it may throw at you.

Smile, it adds face value

When you smile, people will react to your beaming face and that will instantly make you feel better about yourself. It also assists in helping your brain feel at ease in stressful situations.

Challenge yourself

Cook a new and challenging meal, run further,  break out your comfort zone. Do not set limitations on whatever you want to do. Trying new things expands your capabilities and whether you fail at it or not, you should be happy, you tried in any case.

Celebrate your accomplishments

Everything you have done in your life is a triumph. From your first walking steps to riding a bike and then to eventually attain your driver’s licence. All these things took effort and moments of failure, but you achieved a reputable result. If ever you feel down, take some time to list your achievements, no matter how insignificant they may be. You should be proud of the things you have done and always celebrate the great woman you are.

Chill out

You physical health can take a serious knock when affected by stress and anxiety. Self-confidence also suffers when we stress and that is why you should always make time to rest and relax. If you have a hectic day at work, slow down, do some breathing techniques that will calm your soul.  By relaxing, you slow the brain down and allow it to “reset” so that you can resume in a refreshed state to optimise your brains’ full potential.

Look good

The quickest and easiest ways to improve your confidence is to fake it of course. Put on any of your favourite outfits or one that will be a sure head turner and wear it with a confidence as if though you were a top model. When you look good you feel good, you are good and a few complimentary comments are always welcome.

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