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5 Smaller Details That Make You Instantly Stylish

Instantly Stylish

In achieving style, it’s sometimes the smaller details that matter most. Small adjustments here and there can take you from ordinary to instantly stylish. You don’t need to have excessive amounts of money to achieve personal style, just an open mind. Here are some smaller details that make you instantly stylish.

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1. In or out?

We are all about the “out” look now, whether your shirt is fully out or half tucked. Letting your shirt hang out doesn’t mean that you look untidy. Try adding a shorter and more fitted layer on top. If you aren’t too comfortable with letting it all hang out just yet, why not try the new and stylish trend of half tucking in your shirt. When done correctly, these smaller details can make you look both casual and refined.

2. Accessorize.

We have three smaller details to help you. Try wearing a great bold piece of jewellery that becomes the focal point of your look. Try embracing heals. We know they may be uncomfortable but they make your legs look amazing and after all, beauty is pain. Try wearing a quirky hat, not only will this help you on a bad hair day, but it will also make you instantly stylish.

3. Up or down?

UP, UP, UP! We are in love with buttoning your shirt up to the top. These smaller details can make you look refined, sexy and put together. Who knew that buttoning up a few buttons could make you instantly stylish?

4. Lipstick Trick.

If you’re feeling dull or ordinary, why not try putting on a bright or bold lipstick. This has the power to take your look from average to instantly stylish in seconds. Purple is the colour to beat. Purple lipstick looks effortless and elegant for every occasion, unlike red lipstick which is so familiar. Find one that looks best for your skin, and embrace these smaller details.

5. Over or on?

Originally designed to be worn on, jackets are much more stylish when worn over. Draping your jacket over your shoulders may not be the most comfortable, but these are the smaller details that have the ability to add an element of richness and style to your overall appearance.

Being fashionable or stylish is often perceived to be challenging, but we hope that we have showed you that it’s easier than you think. These smaller details are affordable and realistic and have the power to help you re-define your style, making you instantly stylish. Which tip will you try today?

Written by Sarah Kantor

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