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5 Steps to Overcoming Your Stress

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There is no more stressful time of the year than year end – from work pressures with businesses trying to wrap up the calendar year to planning for Christmas gatherings, not to mention all the errands that need to be run. The stress level is high and one would need a way to effectively deal with the mounting stresses:

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1. Prioritise

Having to do get many things done is overwhelming and at times makes the tasks seem insurmountable; however by simply prioritising the most important tasks can make the load more manageable.

This is because you leave yourself with fewer things to do when you prioritise knowing that the less important tasks can be tackled at a later stage when you have the time or done with the tasks that require urgent attention. Alternatively this also means completely cutting out the tasks that simply do not need to be performed by you.

2. Tackle small easy tasks

Consider tackling a few small tasks first that will not take up much time even if you have prioritised other important tasks. It helps to get many small things done first to give you a sense of having completed something.

The psychological power is enough to keep you motivated and focused on what needs to be done next as opposed to those moments when feel overwhelmed and instead avoid what needs to be done.

3. Take breaks

If you are faced with a mountain of work to do, one should consider breaking it down so that you are able to take frequent breaks so that you are not forcing yourself to focus for longs periods of time. Short breaks (+- 15 minutes) means that you will not completely lose concentration whilst still being able to re-energise so that you can maximise your effort.

4. Take the time to do something relaxing

One does not need to punish yourself in an effort to get things done – instead we should take the time out periodically to do something that does not require much work and constitutes as something fun and relaxing for you. This way you are likely to feel rested and better equipped to deal with any mounting pressure.

5. Get enough sleep and regular exercise

Sleep and exercise has many benefits besides making it easier to deal with stress. Getting enough sleep is important so that you have plenty of energy to do what is required of you including maximised concentration.

The benefits of exercise are also plentiful in that not only will you be doing wonders for your body but chemicals get released in your brain during and after exercise that temporarily make you feel good and has lasting benefits if you stick to regular exercise.

There are a number of things one can do to help alleviate their stress or deal with mounting pressure and therefore it is best to find what works for you; and even when you do find one can tweak it to truly match your lifestyle so that you are not let down and have a smoother time of year.

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