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5 Styles That Compliment Your Accent Nails

Accent nails

Everybody is doing the Accent nail! If you’re not familiar with the trend then now is the perfect time to get on it! For those of you that don’t know what an “Accent Nail” is, here’s a brief description, Styles That Compliment Your Accent Nails:
Your ring finger on each side is also known as your accent nail, which has become the most recent trend amongst women all over the globe to decorate the accent nail or colour it differently than the rest of your nails.

• Colour it Trend

When doing your manicure, keep an extra colour of nail polish to use on only your ring finger/s. This will make your accent nail pop amongst the rest. If you are using a neutral colour for your manicure, make sure your accent nail colour is bright or dark to give you that extra creative edge! Here’s how 

• Patterns on display

Getting creative with some pattern work on your accent nail could be your best accessory. By using some sticky tape and a few nail art items you’ll get the job done in no time! Create shapes and patterns of different sorts and colours on your accent nail to make it look even better! Here are a few ideas

• The Matt effect

Create the ideal accent nail with the perfect matt coat. Easy and fast, a great look in a couple of seconds by just adding any shade of matt polish over your accent nail. You could also use some tape to create a shape then adding the matt polish to finish off the look. See here how

• Bling-bling, the in thing

Bedazzle your nails! Get some bling in your finger with/without a ring with some glamorous glitter nail polish. You could also make use of other bling nail art supplies to make it sparkle even more. Glitter polish can make your accent nails stand out in the best way, opt for this perfect accessory that will definitely match any outfit! See here for great ideas

• Spot on

Another easy accent nail look is spots or polka dots on the accent nails. Spots are great for summertime quick manicures with a twist. Creating spots doesn’t need to be made with nail art supplies, use a regular toothpick to apply dots and save. Here are some creative accent nails

With these great accent nail ideas to jazz up your nails, you definitely can’t go wrong! Try out all these styles and find out what your favourite is. Be funky with it and use it to add some more personality to your look. Start trending today with this link to help you out with plenty more nail art ideas & designs.

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