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5 Things to Never Put on Your Face

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How many of your DIY beauty treatments are actually beneficial to your skin? The epidermis of your facial skin is sensitive and needs to be treated as such. Although some home facial regiments may be helpful, not all of them are safe. Here are five things to NEVER put on your face:

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1. Hairspray

The classic tale of using hairspray to set your makeup is not a good idea! It clogs pores, causes break outs and dries out your skin because it contains alcohol and lacquers. It is not worth trying at all. It will only leave you with a skin irritation.

2. Body Lotion

It may be great and moisturising for the body but definitely not for your face. Body lotions often contain fragrances that might aggravate you skin. Body lotion is denser than facial creams and may therefore over-moisturise you facial skin. Facial creams are usually lighter with a gentle PH balance which is perfect for your face and neck area.

3. Lemon

It is highly acidic and should not be applied to delicate skin, like on your face. Lemon can strip enamel off teeth and it has the same effect on your face. The oils contained in lemon are phototoxic – meaning that any irritation may be worsened to the point of chemical burn.

4. Hot water

It may feel great but it is actually quite damaging to your skin. The hot water zaps all the moisture from your skin; leaving it dried out and itchy. Luke warm water is what is best for your skin when cleansing. It won’t leave your skin feeling dry and is especially advisable in winter when your skin is more prone to dryness.

5. Sugar

It is often times used in DIY scrubs. But it can encourage premature aging and tiny tears in your skin. It may be great as a body scrub but not for the fragile skin on your face. It is far too rough! If you want to use a face-scrub choose a softer, smaller textured grain. And also limit the amount of times your scrub your face. You might be doing more harm than good.

We might opt for cost effective home treatments for our facial skin. But it is best to make sure that it is in fact safe to use on your face. Since what applies to the skin of your body does not necessarily apply to your facial skin.

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