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5 Tips to Help You Get Over Your Ex

get over your ex

The only way to get over your ex is to GET OVER them! What better way to show your ex that you are over them by revealing a badass attitude and new found confidence.

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 Dealing with a breakup is hard to do. No matter how many you go through or how much advice you receive from friends, family, and magazines, finding ways to get over an ex-partner is always a challenge. Sometimes it is easy to feel sorry for yourself and linger on the past while appearing as a sad and lonely figure.

Maybe those around you have always known you as someone who is slightly timid, perhaps it is time you shake that shyness off and indulge in your sassy side.

 Here are 5 tactics to move on from your ex with super sass:

1. Change your look

This may seem like a cliché, but getting a makeover is a wonderful way to get over your ex. Whether you go for the extreme or you do something small, a change in appearance can be a major confidence booster. Try new styles of clothing, hairstyles or get in serious shape, do whatever you want to take your mind off your breakup and invest in yourself. Before you know it, you might find yourself back in the dating game again.

 2. Delete Delete Delete

Let go of all things that will evoke memories of your ex. By keeping reminders of them around you, you only hurt yourself. If you want to open space for new possible relationships that have no unintended influences from your previous relationship, do not hold on to things of the past. Start small, like try not wearing things he gave you, then work your way to ridding yourself of things that will not be a part of your new lifestyle. If your ex tries to contact you again and you really have no interest, let them down easy. You have no time for drama anymore and let them know (with a smile) you are happier now and they should seek a new relationship elsewhere.

3. Put your music on

Get listening to some good music. It does not have to be breakup songs, but just listen to music that will make you happy or put you in any mood that will not make you think of your ex.

 4. Get Adventurous

Now that you are single again, you can expose yourself to new hobbies, social things, and people. The common mistake people make when fresh out of a breakup and on the rebound is to go for someone who was exactly like the person you were with before. Yes, you may have a list of qualities you find attractive in a person but that does not mean you should not try something new.

 5. Love yourself!

The most important thing to do is to love yourself. This does not only mean loving the physical you, but also keeping a healthy and positive mind-set is important too. If you feel it necessary, changing your company or removing shared acquaintances off Facebook is what you need to do to get into a clear head space. It may seem a little harsh, but protect your sanity everyone.

 Choose to enjoy your singleness and remember, no matter how you choose to do embrace your sassiness do it with class, smarts, and confidence!

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