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5 Tips on How to Be More Influential


Possessing influence is essential to being a successful leader. For women, having presence in a male dominated workplace can assist in making you viewed by your peers as more of an equal or as someone whose opinion and contributions actually matter.

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For your influence to be effective, you need a combination of certain character traits and interpersonal skills to build a credible and dynamic foundation with the people you work with. These tips are FIVE simple ways that you can improve your influence in the workplace:

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1. Be Confident In Yourself

To be influential requires a strong sense of self-understanding. You need to know your strengths, weaknesses, values and your voice. Your confidence shows when you KNOW who you are and are not easily swayed by things people may say or changes in situations arise.

2. Be Assertive

Make sure that your opinions are heard and that you are willing to challenge others on it. Don’t be bossy, rather show your insight and rationale when you are trying to convince people of your ideas.

3. Be Helpful

You build relationships based on trust and understanding when you are able to offer your assistance to those you work with. Let people know that you are always willing to help and your kind nature might influence them in being loyal to you.

4. Be Inspiring

You can show your influence by leading by example and encouraging others to improve and boost their esteem to a higher level. Success is reliant on teamwork and by inspiring your colleagues, you let them feel part of a common purpose.

5. Know How To Negotiate

Your negotiating skills show that you are decisive and that you will do whatever necessary to reach consensus on an issue. You are able to compromise in discussions, offer insightful input to make sure that a deal is done, and that all parties are satisfied to some degree.

To have influence is to have power, so using the above ways will help you be more influential in the workplace and will accelerate your climb to reach your career ambitions.

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