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5 Types of Relationship Types You Might Want To Avoid

Everybody believes that they deserve the best in life but sometimes what you think is your best might just not be good enough.

Often people say that we attract who we are but people change and you may wake up one day and realise that you have been in love with a stranger this whole time.

It is important to know your type. Some people may say that they do not have a type but everyone has a “type”. If you have criteria that your partner should meet; that is your type. It is not guaranteed that you will meet “the one” immediately as you might have to kiss a few frogs before finding your type

Here are 5 types of relationships you might want to avoid:

1. I can’t live without you: This is the most suffocating relationship as the other literally cannot function without the other. This is a very dangerous relationship as both partners find it hard to live their own lives should they break up. Being ‘joined at the hip’ may sound ideal or beautiful in novels but in the real world everyone needs a sense of independence. It’s a survival instinct.

2. I want you but I don’t need you: These are the independent and mostly career obsessed types that never invest much of their feelings nor their time into a relationship. Such people usually end up successful but lonely and all they want is some intimacy once in a while nothing more.

3. Control freak: This type of relationship could end up being rather abusive as one party dominates in the relationship.

4. Rebound: This is the most common relationship amongst people seeking closure from the opposite sex after a break-up.  It is never a long-term setup and neither a wise one as it does more damage than good. One should deal with their own break-up issues rather than dragging a third party to their “pity party”.

5. Mr Right: This is the guy that everyone approves of but you still remain sceptical even though he is more than you would ever want.

Find someone who shares the same interests as you do. This person should never complete you but compliment you. Always be sure to leave room for disappointments as no one is perfect.  You might not find someone who will complete your sentences but you’ll find someone perfect for you. So never settle for less than what you deserve.

As long as you give love a chance; you’ll find love eventually.

Sinesipho Mbandazayo

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