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5 Unknown Decorating Secrets Revealed

decorating secrets

Have you ever tried fixing up your home to professional standards and spent way too much money? Can’t afford an Interior Decorator so you DIY but still can’t get it quite right? Well don’t despair! Here are some of the easiest and most affordable decorating secrets revealed.

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1. Art on the Wall

decorating secrets

Lounge settings on films and in magazines are always so perfectly set. Everything in the setting goes so well together, but what really makes it stand out is the art on the wall. Hanging random art together in pairs of 3 diagonally or horizontally immediately creates an interesting effect to any room. They look even better in pairs of 4 or 6, be bold with it and allow it to be the most eye catching element of the room.

2. Don’t Divide Small Spaces

When you’ve got a small space in your dining room or anywhere in the house, don’t divide it. By dividing small spaces you are only making it appear even smaller. Instead of dividing it, create an illusion with the angles of furniture/décor items you use in that space to make it seem bigger than what it actually is.

3. Use Side Tables

decorating secrets

This is to make the room feel and seem more comfortable and relaxing. By incorporating side tables in your lounge or bedroom, it immediately creates an intimate and elegant setting. Your first thought when entering a room with a side table should be to kick your feet up and curl yourself up with some hot tea and a good book. They add the ultimate finish to any room!

4. Showcase your TV

Your flat screen TV is one sleek and stylish decorative item when placed in the right spot. Use your TV to your advantage and show it off where you can. It will instantly make the room much more elegant and luxurious.

5. Your Fifth Wall

decorating secrets

Your fifth wall is the one that completes your room, your ceiling. If you really want to decorate like the experts then don’t ever forget about your ceiling. By hanging a vintage style chandelier is already one way of changing things up. If you want to use a more affordable root then opt for some interesting patterned wall paper with bold and daring colours to really make it pop!

Now that you know the experts secrets, what’s stopping you from turning your home into something more fancy and stylish. Affordable and doable, get started today and be your very own DIY Interior Decorator.

Written by Alesha George

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