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5 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

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Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day around the corner! Here are 5 great Décor ideas to get your home ready this Valentine’s Day.

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1. Paper Curls Wreath

Make your very own Valentines wreath using patterned paper and a pencil. Choose colours that represents the day e.g. red, white and pink. To start off, wrap 6 inch paper tightly around a pencil to curl, once around glue the ends to the loop. Glue the paper to about 8 inches of wreath foam to form the wreath. You can embellish the wreath even more by using glitter or rhinestones etc. When your wreath is all done add a “Happy Valentine’s Day” sentiment to welcome the mood. This wreath is ideal for placing on a door or mantel piece.

2. Vase Display on Valentine’s Day

Create your own vases this Valentine’s Day by recycling old wine bottles and splashing some flattering colour paint on them. Be more creative and add detail to them after the paint has dried: you can add words like “Love” etc. on them to showcase the Valentine’s Day theme some more. Also feel free to glue some of your old jewellery on the bottles to create extra texture/embellishments to your DIY vase. Once you’re all done, pop in some flowers and you’re good to go!

3. Cupcake Bouquets

You don’t always need flowers to have a great bouquet. With your cupcake bouquet you’re offering the best of both worlds! First choose which cupcake recipe you’d like to use, then get ready to set the bouquet. In the centre of your pot you should have a small foam ball to place cut wooden skewers inside for the cupcakes to go on. Every cupcake needs two skewers so that they don’t twist around. Place the unfrosted cupcakes onto the skewers with green napkins or tissue in between acting as leaves. Swirl frosting on all the cupcakes using a pastry bag. There, you have your delicious dessert/centrepiece ready to indulge!

4. Memory Boards

This is all about capturing memories and displaying them on a special day. One of the most intriguing Valentine’s Day Décor ideas has to be this one. Memory boards areeasy to make – all you do is wrap a rectangular cork board with some colourfully patterned fabric. Make sure the colours match the theme. Hang some pictures or memorable notes pinned to the board, this way it’s easy to add or remove pieces as the time goes by.

5. Valentine’s Day Cards

Oldest trick in the book! The most affordable way to show your love and appreciation to your other half is by giving them a Valentine’s Day card. Make this extra special by using bigger paper and bolder fonts so that they can be used as centre pieces in your home. Use appealing colours that will draw attention.

With these 5 amazing Valentine’s Day décor ideas your home is bound to be blossoming with love! Share it with those you love and make this year’s Valentines a special one.

Written by Alesha George

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