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5 Ways to Enjoy a Sober Night Out

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You go out for a good night with the girls and you choose not to drink at all. Despite your friends’ most earnest pleas to have a drink, you decline – not because you are a fun-sponge but because you have decided that you will be the designated driver for the night.

According to Arrive Alive, drunk drivers cause 50% of road deaths. That number is far too high and it is such an unfortunate way to die. Our senses are greatly impaired when under the influence and since driving requires so much of your attention (particularly at night), driving drunk should never cross your mind.

If you are a social drinker and have decided to be the DD, It may be hard to fathom even having a good time without a few shots or whatever your poison may be. There are, however, many upsides to not drink with your friends and the list below will show you that you can still enjoy your night out sober.

• Be the paparazzi

Yes, this is your opportunity to capture your friends in funny and embarrassing moments. When you get to meet up again or over social media and messaging services, send them the snaps of their boozy night out and have a good laugh over it.

• Enjoy listening to drunken musings

Have you ever noticed how when people are inebriated, they seem to have the most interesting stories to tell. There these great pearls of wisdom that only come to light when tipsy, and that gives them full confidence to preach a wine – filled sermon on whatever they feel you might need to hear. It is always fun, sit back and listen to what is being said to you.

• Save money

Alcohol is not cheap and you get to save a bit of money not buying drink after drink at the bar. Simply enjoy your night sipping on a soft drink knowing that you aren’t breaking the bank.

• No “Phuza Face” the morning after

You do not have to suffer a major hangover the morning after. While everyone looks like death-warmed up, you get to look fresh and flawless and rub it in your friends’ faces.

• Peace of mind

Being the designated driver shows that you and your friends are responsible adults and care for each other’s safety above anything else. Knowing that no one will be involved in a car accident or potentially get sexually assaulted, should make you feel good about the fact that someone is looking after the team.

By considering these tips and operating on a nomination process with your friends, you will find that being the Designated Driver is not so bad after all. It could save your life.

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