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6 Bad Habits That Mess up Your Skin

bad habits mess up skin

Having clear skin is something everyone wants, but is so hard to achieve for many women. While you may do all the right things like cleansing, toning, moisturising and having the weekly exfoliate, yet you still find yourself with breakouts and bad skin. Here are some bad habits that could mess up your skin:

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You might even change your diet and cut off certain food groups to avoid any triggers, but still no luck. So what could really be going on? You might have a medical condition or you could simply be unknowingly sabotaging your skins’ chances to look great.

1. Heavy Makeup

Heavy makeup on a daily basis blocks your pores from breathing and can get them clogged with too much product and bacteria. You need to allow your skin to breathe, so if you do wear makeup regularly, try wearing it lighter and giving your skin a few off days to breathe.

2. Popping pimples

bad habits mess up skin

This is a habit everyone is guilty of, and that is picking at your skin. By constantly touching and pressing your skin, you just get your pores filled with more bacteria, which leads to more breakouts. Remember hands off your face!




3. Constant Yo- Yo Dieting

We know that poor diet can negatively affect your skin and if you are a yo-yo dieter, you could be harming your skin. The constant weight gain and loss means that your skin can sag, loosen, and get more stretch marks.

 4. Dirty pillow cases

Our skin sheds dead cells when we go to sleep at night. All that dead skin lands on your pillow and can build up. It is important that you wash or change your pillowcases at least weekly to keep your skin clean and healthy.

5. Too much air conditioning

Now that it is summer and the heat can be unbearable, having too much cool air will dry your skin out. Too much cool air will give your skin the same treatment as winter weather, so turn down to AC and help your skin retain its’ moisture.

6. Over cleansing

bad habits mess up skin

Over cleansing your skin strips away many of the oils that are essential for keeping your skin healthy. The tendency to use harsh cleansing products on problem skin does more harm than good. You need to be gentle with your skin. Don’t over exfoliate or rigorously scrub your face each you wash.



 Now that you have a few ideas of the bad habits that could mess up your skin, you can now try forming better habits and potentially see your complexion change and look more beautiful and glowing!

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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