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6 Bad Parenting Behaviours to Avoid

bad parenting behaviours

Parenting is an ongoing learning process based on different styles and ideas. The overall goal is to raise children that are content, know the difference between right and wrong, and are thriving and independent. Avoid these 6 bad parenting behaviours to ensure the best for your children.

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1. Giving in to Guilt

Guilt comes in many forms and can be easy to give in to. It can lead to parents spoiling children, which is not only unrealistic, but it deters them from learning that success is dependent on actions.

This bad parenting behaviour needs to be avoided as it causes a loss of respect for parents, rather than enforcing responsible behaviour and sound decision making. Aim to treat your children as children, even though they may seem mature and guilt you into giving them indulgences which they are yet not mature enough for.





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