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6 Causes of Cancer



Cancer is one of the most common diseases that threaten millions of people all around the world. Though it can cured when detected early, it’s not a given that it can be cured completely. Everyone is born with cancer cells in their bodies, therefore this is a disease that doesn’t infection, but instead gets activated. Here are a few instances of how cancer can be activated:

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Cancer can be transferred through generations of genes. If there are members in your family that have suffered from cancerous diseases you are more likely to have cancerous cells grow in your body. Like many diseases that run in the family this is one of the deadliest but also one of the most effectively treatable diseases.


Your lifestyle plays a huge role on your health whether you care to admit it or not. Cancer can be activated in many ways, this includes smoking, bad eating habits and the amount of alcohol you drink, as well as going to the beach often and tanning excessively, etc. All these factors are not beneficial to one’s health in general.

What you Eat

Eating fatty foods and sugary treats are delicious and while we try to avoid, we can’t help indulging every once in a while. This too is very unhealthy and can actually lead to Cancer. By eating healthy you will prevent yourself from activating your cancer. Stay on a balanced diet, eating as much vegetables and fruits needed to sustain a healthy weight. Steer away from sweet things, hot things and unhealthy beverages.

Exposure to Sun

A lot of exposure to sun can lead to skin cancer, which is why it’s very important for us to use sunblock whenever we leave the house. It is extremely important for us to apply SPF face creams and SPF body lotions as this acts as a protective base on top of the skin. Other ways to protect your skin is to keep it moisturised and stay in shaded areas.


When the cancer has been identified, being treated using radiation could worsen the cancer cells. Though it helps in treatments and kill that current cancer cell it could act as an activator/ risk of developing other types of cancers.


There are a few very dangerous infections and viruses that can lead to cancer. Fact is that most viruses are the causes of cancer which is why it is vital that you keep your immune system strong and continue eating a balanced diet.

There is no easy cure for cancer as of yet, but there are treatments. Many of these treatments help with eliminating your cancerous cell, but it could also be developing a new one that will grow and become even worse at a later stage in your life. We only have one life and we should respect our bodies and maintain its wellbeing. Start to make a change to your diet and lifestyle today and prevent yourself from getting cancer.


For more information on how best to support a loved one with cancer, read the full support guide. To find out more about cancer and support, contact CANSA. For more information on dread disease cover, visit www.sanlam.co.za.

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