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6 Easy Ways to Make Money This Summer

Summer Money


Is your wallet looking as dry as the Karoo? Then look no further than these sizzling tips to help you get some extra money during summer time. Here are 6 Easy Ways to Make Money This Summer.

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1. Fun in the Sun

Take advantage of the summer heat by setting up shop in local parks, public events, tourist spots, music festivals and beaches. You can make extra cash by walking around and selling sports drinks, bottled water, cheap sunglasses, ice lollies, visors and battery powered fans during some of the hottest days.

You’ll need to put in some cash in order to buy stock, but even if you buy at retail prices, you can charge double or even triple the cost. Before you start selling anywhere check with local councils, authorities or get relevant permits to sell in these public places.

2. Sitting Pretty

Not going on holiday this summer? Then why not offer to house sit to those who are for a price. House sitting involves looking after someone’s home while their away and doing tasks such as, feeding the animals, watering plants, checking mail and so on.

It may seem like a lot, but once all these tasks are done, you have the rest of the time to relax. The easiest way to get work is advertise in your local newspaper, websites such as Gumtree or to sign up with an agency.

3. Rock a bye baby

If you’re great with kids, why not sign yourself up to baby sit or become a summer nanny? You can provide your service to working parents who can’t afford to send their kids to summer camp or take more than a week or two off on a summer holiday.

Get started by checking out and signing up with the website, Sitter4U as they provide guidelines and place au pairs, professional nannies and baby sitters.

4. Those who can’t do, teach

Ever thought of sharing your knowledge? Then why don’t you sign up for tutoring during the summer? If you didn’t get straight A’s in all your subjects, don’t fret. Parents want tutors with a variety of skills. You can tutor individual kids or university students on a number of topics such as science, math, creative writing, history and many more.

You don’t need to stop at academic skills. If you know how to play a sport well or play an instrument, you can also share this knowledge through lessons. Sign up with TeachMe2 and First Tutors South Africa to help you get started.

5. Everything must go!

Have clothes, jewellery, games, shoes, books and lots of other things clogging up your home? Summer is a good time to get unwanted things out of the house. So instead of just throwing things out, make some extra cash by selling items on Gumtree, eBay, Amazon, to second hand stores or at a garage sale.

6. Walk, the walk

Want to get in some exercise during the summer time? Then make some extra money by offering to walk dogs. Find customers by asking around in your neighbourhood, passing out flyers or by hanging posters at your local vet, SPCA or pet shops. You can also print a few business cards that you can pass around while on the job.

There are many ways in which you can make extra money during the summer. So why not follow these tips next time you’re looking for a new holiday entrepreneurial venture.

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