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6 Famous South Africans


South Africa is without a doubt one of the most diverse countries in the world today. Though we have not yet flourished to the best of our ability, many of our fellow South Africans have excelled in ways unimaginable. Here’s a look at 6 famous South Africans who have done great things for themselves and encouraged the nation to do the same.

1. Nelson Mandela

The Father of our nation, Nelson Mandela, has gained unmeasurable fame through fighting for what he believed in. He is the definition of greatness with his constant courage and bravery that touched every corner of the earth.

Madiba did not gain his fame by using his talents to get known. He used his revolutionary journey, his love for and interest in people and his presidency to influence the world. This is why he is and always will be our #1 and the Most Famous South African!

2. Charlize Theron

Our golden girl, Charlize has been holding the torch for South Africans ever since she became famous. Till this day she continues to make us proud by not only acting and modelling, but also producing films and starting her own outreach project in 2007.
She embodies beauty, brains and talent! An inspiration to most girls all around SA. Despite being a mega star in the States, she is still our humble Southern African girl making her home town proud!

3. Desmond Tutu

Man of honour and morale, he rose to fame as an opponent of apartheid. He is and forever will be South Africa’s Bishop speaking out as “South Africa’s moral conscience”.
His rights activism has showcased the passion and dedication he has toward the human rights of all South Africans even after apartheid. Using his role as the first black Archbishop of Cape Town to the best of his ability, he created awareness of the struggles we still face today.

4. Trevor Noah

This this multi-talented guy is without a doubt the funniest comedian in South Africa! He has reached many heights with his hilarious tactics, including fame.

The first SA comedian to appear on the Jay Leno Show was a huge milestone. He is a funny man but also a radio personality, an actor, and a TV host. Our very own jack-of-all-trades, who seizes the moment like none other!

5. Pam Goulding

She is the South African wonder women, founder and president of the Pam Goulding Property Group. She is highly successful and immensely famous all around the world in the property industry.

Seen as the leading business women of our time, she is without a doubt the perfect icon for every woman out there. Awards piling at her feet with connections all over the world that continues to grow. Nothing can stop her!

6. Khanyi Dhlomo

Successful, famous and absolutely stunning! She is a media powerhouse and is the founder and managing director of Ndalo Media, DestinyConnect & editor of Destiny magazine. That’s not all, she was featured in Forbes magazine in 2011 as one of the “20 young power women in Africa”. She is a thriving entrepreneur and she’s just getting started!

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