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6 Great Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

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Valentine’s Day is all about you and your other half, as a couple. You can have all this love bubbling up inside but have no idea just how to show it and make them feel special. Here are 6 ideas for couples to make Valentine’s Day great:

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Have a picnic indoors

Forget about picnicking outside where you have to deal with the pesky wind and wandering ants. Why not spend Valentine’s Day in your own exclusive living room? Move the furniture against the wall and switch off your TV. Lay down a blanket and deck it out with your favourite treats. This is much more intimate than any park. I mean, you will not have to worry about other people when things get a little frisky.

Dress each other

When you both get dressed for your Valentine’s Day date, you can make things a little more interesting by dressing each other. You will get to choose what he wears and he gets to choose what you wear. Use this opportunity to see him in those pants that you really love. He will probably relish the view of you in those stilettos from the back of your closet. This can be great fun and a wonderful start to your evening.

Awaken your inner poet

As cliché as it may be, writing something sweet for your love on Valentine’s Day can be all the romance a couple needs. Maybe you have not had time to express your love lately or you just want to remind them that they are still on your mind. Putting pen to paper can be very personal and heart-warming, especially in a world of SMSs and Whatsapp. Write down how you feel about them on some really nice paper and then place it on their pillow or shirt pocket. Make sure that it is somewhere where they will be sure to find it.

Sleep in

What could be better than spending a Saturday cuddling with your significant other? This Valentine’s Day stay in bed together for at least 3 hours. Have some breakfast, read the morning paper or watch movies in the great comfort of your bed. This will allow you to shut out the world and start the day relaxing in each other’s company.

Spa, at home

Stock up on some candles, massage oils and incense to create your very own Valentine’s spa day. You can take turns massaging each other in a delightful smelling and dim lit room. The point is to relax and pamper one another with attention. You can also take a soothing bath together while, sharing a bottle of bubbly.

Take a walk

It may not seem like much, but just the two of you taking a walk can give you some great quality time. Plus, it is a great alternative to the mushy, lovey Valentine’s Day stuff if that is not your thing. Just walk without any other purpose but to talk and share one another’s time.

Special gestures of love can go a long way into strengthening your bond. These 6 ideas are sure to make your Valentine’s Day great.

Written by Noma Mtebele

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