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6 Ideas for a Great Valentine’s Day Date

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Great ideas can sometimes be difficult to come by especially on special holidays such as Valentine’s Day. These 6 ideas can help you have a great Valentine’s Day date:

1. Dinner

Some of the best ideas for a great Valentine’s Day date are the traditional ones such as dinner and a movie. The great thing about a dinner is that you can use it to set themood for the night whether it’s romance you’re striving for or a slightly more casual night with drinks and snacks. In this case you can to skip the movie and get to knoweach other better especially if you have just started dating.

2. Vacation for a weekend

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, which is ideal for getting to spend the entire day with that special someone. It is also a great way to get to experience a vacation date by going on a weekend holiday that is close to home, but far enough so that you have something new and different to be excited about.

3. Write a letter

Valentine’s Day comes around every year despite the reality of the ups and downs of relationships. A great Valentine’s Day date however does not have to be out of the question even if you’re going through a rough patch. You can write a letter to let your loved one know how important they are to you and suggest a casual date like a romantic walk or a picnic that does not put pressure on either one of you. This may also help to open up the lines of communication.

4. Do something personal

Ideas for a Valentine’s Day date can sometimes be generic and impersonal, but for those who have known their loved one for a while or someone they share many memories with, an idea could be to tailor it to fit the likes and preferences of their partner. For example if they have a favourite hobby that they usually do by themselves, you can organise a date where you both take part in his hobby or sport.

5. Consider the gift

This is the one day a year that celebrates love and gives one the opportunity to really show that they care especially if you have been slacking otherwise. It does not have to be big or expensive. A great date idea for Valentine’s Day is concert tickets, or find some live music – it is something that can be done together and will be remembered far beyond the actual date.

6. Have a movie or series marathon

If you are on a budget or short of personal ideas, a casual but great date can be had by watching your favourite series non-stop or having a movie marathon. You can do two things at once by catching up on your shows whilst also enjoying each other’s company. It also creates a comfortable atmosphere and you are sure to have a great Valentine’s Day date this way.

Valentine’s Day is that special day that you get to spend with that special someone and this can be achieved with a few of these great Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Written by Marjorie Belemu

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