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6 Shortcuts to a Better Body

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We all want to look like Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie in a swimming costume, but starting always seems to be our biggest obstacle. Bettering your body doesn’t need to be difficult. With this being said we have devised a six step shortcut plan to help you on your way.

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1. Set Goals

This is the first step to a better body. Knowing where you want to improve is important for knowing how you are going to get there. You need to ask yourself why you want a better body, where you want to see yourself and what you want to gain through doing this, as well as how you will feel when you reach your goal.


2. Diet

We all know that bettering your diet is crucial for bettering your body, and changing your diet can be difficult – exercise alone will not make you lose weight. You need to eat lean proteins that are low in fat like chicken, eggs and fish. You need to eat fruit and vegetables with every meal as they assist in keeping you full and energised and keep you from gaining weight.

Stay away from junk foods, artificial sweeteners, gluten, and try to reduce your sugar and alcohol consumption. Staying hydrated is vital so remember to drink eight glasses of water per day. Do not starve yourself – this will just slow down your metabolism and hurt your chances of bettering your body.


3. Sleep

Sleep has the ability to make or break your healthy lifestyle. If we do not get enough sleep, not only does it hurt our ability to lose weight, but it also kills motivation and disrupts the brain’s ability to release toxins. Sleeping for at least eight hours develops a good relationship between us and our bodies and it also leaves us feeling more stimulated and energised.


4. Exercise

Change your thinking and stop seeing exercise as a chore but rather as being healthy for your heart, a booster for your mood, and a way to clear your mind.


5. Reduce stress

Relief from stress is important to weight loss and bettering both your mind and body. Try to let everything go and focus on you.

6. Motivation

If you can’t stay motivated, how are you going to achieve your goals? We know that staying motivated can be very difficult, so try tracking your food and exercise, try exercising with other people, and even try finding a friend to embark on this journey with you.

We all strive to better ourselves and we know that starting is probably the most difficult point of the journey. Don’t wait until tomorrow, or next week, or next month, but instead start today.

“I wake up every day with the realization that this is it, that there’s only one shot at this life and I can either enjoy the ride and live it to its fullest and to my highest potential or I can stay the way I am.”

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