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7 Reasons Why Women Have Cheaper Car Insurance

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Most men always argue that they are better drivers than women, but according to the cheaper car insurance rate for women in comparison to men, it is clear that women are a safer bet.

There is a reason why it is important for every car owner to have car insurance. Accidents and car hijackings can occur to anyone at any time and it is always a relief to have an insurance company that will take care of all the necessary details without having to spend money each time a problem arises.

However, according to Autos.com women pay less because they are involved in fewer accidents compared to men, thus making it cost effective to charge men more. In almost every country, men pay 10 percent or more than women in car insurance.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Men are a liability to insurance companies
As mentioned, men are involved in more accidents that women therefore the cost of their insurance is higher because of that.

2. Women are cautious drivers
Generally, women are safe drivers who take all the precautionary measures that ensure safe driving. They are more inclined to follow the rules of the road.

3. Road rage
Men are very “expressive” drivers who are always impatient and in a rush to get to their destinations. They can explode into a fight over a driver who overtakes him, where women would be calmer in a similar situation.

4. Stunt drivers
Have you ever seen some of 1st For Women’s advertisements where men do the craziest things like the one where a guy drives from the Eastern Cape to Cape Town backwards with his friends just to win bet?

Well men are reckless drivers because of their confidence in their driving abilities and this is another reason why they pay more insurance.

5. Need for Speed
Maybe it is the Need for Speed video game or movies such as Fast and Furious that fuels the fire for men to drive 200km/h in a 120km/h zone, leading them to disastrous car accidents or wrecking their cars.

6. Drunk-driving
As dangerous as it is, men are more likely to drive drunk home rather than leave their cars behind to get a safer way home. This is because in a drunken haze, most people tend to believe that they can make it home and are too stubborn to listen to reason.

7. The age-factor
Men between the ages of 17-29 are the reason why men pay more car insurance rates. According to Divine Caroline, 40% of accidents are caused by young adults.

You must always remember that when a man engages you in a debate about how they are better drivers, simply smile and say, “I don’t mind that, at the end of the day, I pay less car insurance than you”, and walk away.

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