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7 Saturday Night Movies To Give You A Feel-Good Boost

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of Saturday night is deciding on something to watch. You can find me and my boyfriend squabbling over what to watch on Netflix pretty much all the time, if you’re like us, these movies will take some of the hassle out of the choice.


So whether you’re going to the cinema or watching one with your dinner, here are the best feel-good movies for a Saturday evening!



This film is truly the Career Girl film of 2016, Joy founds a business dynasty and kicks ass in a time when women weren’t really doing that, it’s based on the story of Joy Mangano, investor, business woman, and entrepreneur and shows Jennifer Lawrence pursuing her dreams and becoming a boss while navigating an uncertain and unforgiving world. So inspiring, cool and heart-warming. This film will make you dust off all those old ideas and start working!




For something a little more light-hearted, this film is funny and relatable. Watch it with your girlfriends, or on your own when you need a reminder why you even go out clubbing with your girlfriends in the first place. It’s funny and perfect for those Saturday nights in.



Even the trailer makes me tear up. This was one of my favorite books (recommended to me by one of our interns) and now the casting is perfect in the movie. I’ve just read the sequel, so I’m feeling more positive about the whole thing, but this film is so joyous and heart-warming and equally heartbreaking in a very real way. You need to see this.



Novelist Calvin struggles with his writing and his romantic life until he creates his dream girl Ruby, in a novel and finds inspiration in her. When Calvin finds Ruby sitting on his couch a week later he is more than a little shocked. This film is romantic, funny, sweet and magical.




30-something Jesse is going through what we all do once we’ve left college. Life is dull and when he returns to his professor’s retirement party, he falls for Zibby, his professor’s daughter – and a college student. This film goes through the motions of leaving college, the adjustment period that comes with it, romance and adulthood. Feel-good and relatable!



One of our favorite films! Jules Ostin has a new senior intern program at her company, and Ben is the newest, best intern ever.We all need a Ben in our lives, he helps sort out not only her company, but her personal life and together, they pull each other through. Not much we can say about this one, it’s our favorite.



Another De Niro gem, this one features Zac Efron and his dirty, dirty Grandpa having some shenanigans after his Grandma’s funeral. Jason (Zac) is about to marry the wrong woman, and as you should never disrespect your elders, his Grandpa Dick, wants to show him the error of his ways. Think The Hangover with a sweet lesson embedded in it, somewhere. If you’re looking for funny, you’ve found it.


Written by Beth from Career Girl Daily

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