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7 Surprising Keys to Happiness


Happiness seems like the one thing in life that all of us strive for and yet only a few can honestly say that they have it. So we just get by with whatever gets us by or decide that it will magically appear sometime in the vague future. But what if happiness were not really out of your reach? Here are 7 surprising keys to your happiness.

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1. Set achievable goals

Sometimes there is nothing as satisfying as crossing off something from your list of things to do. It could be de-cluttering your bedroom or asking for a pay raise, as long as it is something that you can realistically take on. The more achievable the goals that you set the better you will feel and the closer you will be to your dreams.

2. Fake it until you make it

Studies have shown that if you fake a smile you can actually trick your brain into feeling happy. The power of laughter has also been proven to uplift the human spirit even, if you first have to make yourself laugh. Our minds interpret this as real and it affects us in a positive way. But for the times when you cannot muster up a smile, you can still choose to be positive even if you are having a bad day.

3. It is all about you

Have you ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Well, sometimes the difference between happiness and despair is your attitude towards your circumstances and yourself. Yes, nobody can wish themselves into a better and happier life, but what you think about yourself does affect how you see the things that happen around you. When you feel that you deserve happiness you will not see every setback as just another sign that you are meant to be miserable forever.

4. It is all about others too

As the saying goes “No man is an island,” and neither are you, girl! Humans are social creatures, which means that we need other people in order to be happy. You should surround yourself with people who make you feel just that. These are the kind of people who you can talk to, rely on and even challenge you to be better and want better. Helping others also has a way of uplifting us whether it is advising a friend or giving to the less fortunate.

5. It is physical

Getting to a happy state can be about your body just as much as it is about your feelings. It is no secret that exercise is a major mood booster but your general physical health makes it possible for you to enjoy the things that make you feel good. We need to get enough sleep, nourishment and exercise to be our best selves.

6. Push yourself

It is all about determination in facing our challenge. How good would it feel to finally be able to do something that you once thought impossible? Whether you are terrified of public speaking or you have always wanted to be fluent in Spanish. Get cracking on it and do not become discouraged! Challenging ourselves opens us to perspectives, lessons and rewards that we would not even dream of right now, but bring us closer to finding fulfilment.

7. Stop procrastinating

Positivity is proactive. We will never know the opportunities that we have missed just by sitting on the sofa instead of getting on with what we actually needed to do. And we probably will not get them back either. Putting things off makes you feel bad and that feeling becomes worse the longer you do it. In order to feel good you need to have better management of your time and fulfil your responsibilities.

Happiness is achievable through our choices and actions. It is not something that we can just wish into reality or put off for later if we really intend to have it. We hope these surprisingly simple keys s to finding happiness will help you find it.

Written by Noma Mtebele

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