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7 Things Guys Think Turn You On, But Don’t


You’re in the throes of passion then all of a sudden he pulls a stunt that turns you off completely, making you think of heading for the hills. Here’s a list of what men get wrong when trying to turn us on: 7 Things Guys Think Turn You On, But Don’t

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1. Dirty talk gone wrong

Sometimes dirty talk is a great turn on. But if he’s says the wrong thing it can completely change the atmosphere from romantic to comedic. If it’s something ridiculously corny then it can be a turn off. If this isn’t his strong suit, rather focus on each other’s body language.

2. Night Fright

Yes, at times cuddling can lead to sex. But when you’re fast asleep and your partner starts licking your ear, you’d see him as trying to take advantage of you being asleep. It might just be that he thinks that it’s a turn on to wake you up for sex. At this point you need to tell him to stop and explain why it’s freaking you out.

3. Like a contortionist

Your partner has just suggested a new move, you both try it out but realize that it requires allot more flexibility then you have making you uncomfortable. Some men think that having a repertoire of contorting positions is enough to turn a woman on. They don’t realize that not all women are professional gymnasts, so our bodies can’t bend that way.

4. Pulling your hair

Some women like it a little rough in the bedroom, but when your man pulls on your hair as if he’s riding a show pony then that’s definitely a turn off. Sure a bit of grabbing is alright, just make sure to communicate to him that pulling your hair hard is more painful than pleasurable.

5. Talk the Talk

We all love a confident man, but when your date talks about how great he is in bed, you expect him to perform. Then when he doesn’t you’ll likely be disappointed and probably won’t plan on going out with him again.

6. Raunchy Messages

You get a text from a potential, you think it’s a cute message but you get it completely wrong. He opens with a picture of his junk and asking, your place or mine? Leading you to ask, what happened to the art of seduction? These kind of raunchy messages don’t fall into the category of a turn on.

7. Midnight snack

A little bit chocolate, strawberries and cream can make a sexual experience even sweeter. But sometimes men take this a little too far by bringing in more foods then necessary making more of a mess.

Meaning that you’ll be spending an hour afterwards cleaning the sheets when you could have been doing some cuddling.

Every woman has her own different list of turn on’s. You just need to make sure that whatever he’s trying, it works for you and you’re comfortable with it.

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