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7 Things That Kill a Job Interview

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jobinterviews are kind of like a first date. You get all dressed up, prepare and put out your best to impress someone you actually know nothing about. And just like a first date there are a few things that will probably ruin your chances. Here are 7 things that can kill a job interview:

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1. Inappropriate clothes

When you are being interviewed you want to feel comfortable, but look presentable. You have to be yourself but you should also keep your potential company’s dress code in mind. If it is a corporate company in fields such as business or finance they probably prefer their employees to dress conservatively in muted colours and suits. If it is a more creative space then, more vibrant colours are acceptable. Sometimes a smart casual look with jeans can be okay. But remember that it will still be an interview and every aspect of you will be judged. You cannot show up in flip flops no matter how laid back an office it may be.


2. Being late

This is the one day that you should probably lay off the tardy-sauce. Lateness is never okay in an interview because it will make you look extremely unreliable and uninterested. Whether it may be your dream job or not, if you show up late it will seem like anything else that will be expected of you will not be prioritised either. Why should the interviewer give you the job if there are other people who are arriving early for it? This mistake will probably cross you right out of an employer’s potential hire list before your interview even begins.

3. Rudeness

On a first date would you like to spend your time with a pleasant smile across you or someone who will be on their phone all night? Who are you likely to see again? The guy who is genuinely interested in what you say or the one cuts you off and gives snarky one liners? In an interview do not be guy no. 2. That person is a rude and will not be getting a second date or a call back. You should smile and greet everyone you meet politely. Say thank you when offered something and reply in a genuinely nice way. A good attitude will get you anywhere.

4. Bad-mouthing your previous work

So you think that your old boss is the worst human being ever, a real Grinch. This may actually be true, but if you bad mouth him or her to your prospective employer you will only end up seeming petty and unprofessional. Keep that to yourself and share it with a sympathetic friend instead. Try not to let out your frustrations in sarcastic or bitter answers either. You should never say you left your old job because you could not stand your boss or clients. Show them that what is important is your career and not anything else in between.

5. Bad body language

An interviewer wants to see that you are confident, attentive and engaged. You should remember to sit up straight throughout the interview. This will make you look self assured and alert while, slouching into your chair will give off the impression of laziness and indifference. You should keep your hands from fidgeting and from crossing them across your chest. Fiddling with your clothes will make you seem unsure while, crossing your arms will close you off.

6. Being clueless about the business

This is probably the most important aspect of an interview. What would your date think of you if you were to not even know their name? It is the same case when you are being interviewed. Learn as much as you can about the company before the day so that you know what you are in for and what you can offer them. This will also give you topics to ask about during the interview as well as allow you to give sincere and well informed answers.

7. Swearing

This is probably part of rudeness but it deserves a spot of its own just because it is such a huge no no! Today, we are so used to bad language because it is basically part of everyday life. Our TV’s, movies, the Internet is full of it. However, an interview is a conservative and professional environment, no matter what kind of person may conduct it. If your interviewer swears it does not mean that you can, after all you are the one who is being judged.

jobinterviews can seem like a minefield of confusion and nerves. You may have been asking yourself many questions. What should you say? How should you dress? When should you arrive? Well, with these 7 ways to kill an interview at least you can be certain of what not to do.

Written by Noma Mtebele

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