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7 Worst Foods for Ulcers

Ulcers are no joke; they can be the most painful open sores to have. Not to mention their slow healing process. Here are a few ways to speed up the healing process by staying healthy and eating the right foods that don’t contribute to your discomfort!
Here are the foods and beverages you should let go of to heal or prevent stomach ulcers.

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1. Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the main causes for stomach ulcers. It creates painful open sores in your stomach lining. Alcohol irritates the ulcer by making direct contact with the open wound preventing it from healing. By cutting down your alcohol intake or quitting alcohol altogether you will put a stop to your ulcer pain from worsening, and start the healing process.

2. Coffee and Tea

Caffeine is bad for ulcers ultimately because it aggravates existing ulcers. It’s like cutting your finger and with bare hands sprinkling salt over it. Which is why you have to stay away from coffee if you do have an ulcer.

3. Carbonated drinks

Drinking carbonated drinks such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Sprite can add to stomach ulcers and make it worse. Avoid drinking these beverages at all costs to stay healthy.

4. Spicy food

Spicy foods contain acids that will contribute to your ulcers. Avoid eating foods such as chillies, hot sauce, curry, and chutney. Spicy foods do not only contribute by making it worse but it can also be the cause of ulcers if you aren’t careful.

5. Acidic foods

We all know what these are right? Yes lemon can be good for you and is healthy but in this case it’s the opposite. Foods such as lemons, pineapples, and other acidy foods are more harmful than beneficial to your ulcers. Stay informed by doing more research on these foods so that you know what you should steer clear of.

6. Pasta and Bread

Bread and Pasta are foods that have been processed which is also bad for you if you have a stomach ulcer. Opt for a healthier option when craving these, such as fibre foods and green vegetables. Also drink a lot of water as it will help curb you from craving starches.

7. Sugar

Sugar just like bread and pasta are processed. Rather keep your diet sugar free to remain healthy and to avoid friction and pain with your stomach ulcer.

Now you know what you should avoid when going grocery shopping. This way you get to heal up your ulcer and also stay healthy! Don’t waste any more time in pain because of what you eat, instead be happy and refreshed with your new eating plan, who knows, you might even drop a few kilos that way!

Questions asked by users:

is coca cola good for stomach ulcers?

Is Coca Cola good for stomach ulcers?

Any carbonated drink can make ulcers worse. Coca-Cola has a high amount of sugar which does not help the situation either.

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