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Try These Love Apps Before Valentines Day

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The beauty of modern technology is how much easier it makes everyday things. This Valentine’s Day, use these to decide who to date, how to ask them, where to take them and how to keep them.

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Love calculator

love apps
If you’re juggling dates and not sure who to pick, use the love calculator to see who you’re most compatible with.


Love poems

love apps
If you’ve bought a card, but haven’t a clue what to write in it, fill it with one of Jason Sturners’s romantic poems. Your loved one will be impressed with your knowledge of literature. Download here


Romance reminder

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Whether you’re trying to impress your new man or trying to rekindle the fire in a long-term relationship, here’s some inspiration for how to do it on Valentine’s Day. Download here



World Explorer

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If you’re looking to go somewhere new and different to celebrate this day of lurve, try the World Explorer travel-guide app. Using your GPS location, it will find you some exciting, close-by date options. Download here


Love Photo Editor, Heart Frames and Effects

love apps
If cute-and-corny is your thing, use the Love Photo Editor app. There’s just nothing more Valentine’s-worthy than a heart framing you and your loved one. Download here

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