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A (hairstyle) Change is as Good as a Holiday

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Walking out of the hair salon with a shiny, glamorous, bouncy new hairdo does wonders for your image and spirit. However when it comes to choosing a new hairstyle, the majority of women leave it up to their hairdresser to guide them and decide on a new look.

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There are a number of aspects to consider when women choose a new hairstyle or colour. Do you have a short or wide forehead; long of short neck; wide or narrow shoulders, what colour suits your skin tone; what is my lifestyle and personality?

The answers to all these questions play a role in deciding on a new style. The shape of your face however, is the main determinant of which hairstyles will suit you best.

So before you say “Highlights, Cut and Action!”, first establish your face shape by standing in front of a mirror with a piece of soap in your hand. Relax your chin and trace the silhouette, the outline of your face, with the soap on the mirror. Stand back and one of the following shapes below will be prominent. It is possible to have a combination face shape, for example an oval face with a sweetheart chin, it is therefore advisable to read the notes pertaining to ‘sweetheart face’ because you will have some restrictions in your choice of hairstyles.


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Below are illustrations of the different face shapes, with tips on which hairstyles will work best:

Oval face (Slightly tapered towards chin)

Best: Any hairstyle and short, medium or longer hair length suit this face shape as it represents no problems such as a pointy chin or squareness around the jaw line.

Sweetheart face (Very tapered towards chin)

Avoid:                                                                                              Best:

Extremely short hair (chin looks pointier)                               Longer and softer into the neck
Extremely short hair (chin looks pointier)                               Less height over the top of head
Height over top of head (elongates face)                                  Hair parted down the side
Hair parted in the middle (cheekbones look wider)               Soft feathered side fringe
Short, solid fringe (full cheeks will look fuller)                        Soft feathered side fringe

Round face    (Hardly tapered towards chin)

Avoid:                                                                                           Best:

Short hair feathered onto face (face looks rounder)           Hair tucked behind ears
Very short hair(emphasizes shape of round face)               Some height  over head, length into neck
Extremely curly round styles (cheeks have                           Soft curls or straight style
no definition)

Square face  (No tapering towards chin)

Avoid:                                                                                       Best:
Very short back and sides (masculine)                               Longer layered hair
Open neck (stronger jawline)                                                Shoulder length with softness
around neck
Long hair parted down the centre (shortens face             A little height on top of head, with hair
creating width and squareness)                                            parted down the side.



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