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Achieve Results From Now On . . .


Is it possible to transform ideas into achievements? Yes! In nature, a seed does not think how it will turn into a plant – nature works easily. Women can do the same thing, and we can achieve the results we want consciously, using the power of our mind.

Whatever you’d like to accomplish in the future, here are some ideas to help you succeed.

Imagine You Have Already Achieved
Your brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Take advantage of that. Just before you go to sleep, and just after you awake, imagine what you desire as already achieved. Imagine how it feels to have that perfect job or car or relationship. Imagine yourself in the situation, and use all your senses to experience it mentally.

Belief is Not Necessary
The laws of physics do not need you to believe for them to do their work efficiently. Even without faith, your life does change. What that means is you can dispense with all those goal-setting techniques (although I do believe one needs to set goals) that recommend baby steps. A tiny seed can become a giant tree without ever stopping to think about it. Success is the same.

Be For Something, Not Against Something Else
Thoughts are packets of energy that have no choice but to obey the laws of physics. Energy cannot be destroyed, only converted into matter. A thought such as, “I want to quit smoking,” can result only in the experience of wanting to quit smoking. Nothing changes!

The first step to achieving that wish is to think of something that represents the positive thing you are wishing for. Think how better off your body and life would be without nicotine. Think how you will climb a flight of stairs without gasping. If your thoughts become like, “I am fit, healthy, and can climb any hill effortlessly”, your brain’s focus on a need for nicotine will fall away and be replaced by a need for fresh air.

Strive for a Sense of Knowing
We arrive at a state of awareness by imagining what we would like in our lives in detail. We use visualization to improve the detail of the imagination. Knowing something is achievable is a higher level of thought than believing something is achievable. You should window shop on life, visit the best hotels and have coffee in the lounge, test drive your dream car, visit show houses in your dream suburb. The greater the detail, the higher the sense of knowing. Eventually you will become so familiar with your dream you are not surprised when it shows up.

Set an Intention Rather than a Goal
Set an intention rather than setting a goal without all the doubt about its achievement. Position your intention as if you’ve already achieved it, with lots of specific details. For example, “After a year, I drive my new Audi A3 cabriolet to work with the hood down and Adele’s music playing loudly. I do not own any money on it.” Speak your intention out loud.

Think Bigger
Instead of a raise, rather imagine you get a promotion and a new company car. Set your intention much higher than your core desire and the smaller desire becomes more attainable. Try this psychological trick to help you accept and invite success.

Don’t Ask “How”
A key to succeeding is to open yourself to surprises and serendipity. Often one looks back at your successes and stand amazed at  how everything that happened fitted in so perfectly. Set your intention and let life fill in the details – don’t ask how.

Be Self-Interested
Self-interest is placing your own needs above the needs of others. This doesn’t mean being unkind or selfish, but to achieve success, you have to focus on your own behavior and your destiny. You will not achieve the success your want if the decisions you make for your life are based on the desires and demands of others. Help yourself first before attempting to assist someone else.

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