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ageLOC® science – Turning Back the Hands of Time

Developed by Nu Skin in collaboration with leading anti-aging scientists and genetics experts, the ageLOC® science is a revolutionary approach that is changing the way we appear to age.

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Identifying the Source

Through ageLOC® science, Nu Skin was able to identify certain genes – Youth Gene Clusters, that influence the way we look as we age. These Youth Gene Clusters which include age-related super markers or arSuperMarkers (arNOX, genes and other skin markers), are the components of body chemistry that influence how we age.

Resetting the Balance

Once these arSuperMarkers were identified, Nu Skin’s scientists discovered how to reset them to reflect a more youthful skin profile. Resetting arSuperMarkers / Youth Gene Clusters is a subtle balancing process—it’s not as simple as turning them on and off. Some genes within the cluster may need to be turned up while others may need to be turned down. Nu Skin’s proprietary ageLOC®  science resets Youth Gene Clusters to create a youthful balance within each cluster—returning them to their youthful patterns of activity.

The Best of the Best

ageLOC® products have proven this science through and through, since their inception. Nu Skin then set about bringing this ultimate science of gene-resetting anti-aging skincare to the world, and the innovative ageLOC Me smart device was born. We now have the ultimate anti-aging skincare! Skincare which turns back the hands of time, customized just for you, and brought to you in an innovative device which saves time by combining treatments to supply one application instead of 3 or 4.

ageLOC Me info – http://tinyurl.com/swnALME

Skin Assessment app Google – http://tinyurl.com/swngoogle-agelocme-emea

Skin Assessment app Apple – http://tinyurl.com/swnapple-agelocme-emea

For more info on our introductory offer, email sisterswithnuskin@yahoo.com


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