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How Amazing Are These Things When You’re in Love?

There is no feeling, no experience and no reality like being in love. It’s a sensory overload. Love makes you feel emotions that you never even thought you were capable of feeling. You feel happier and more joyful than ever before. You feel like things are finally starting to fall into place — like life isn’t quite as bad, unfair and dark as you thought it was.

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1. All manner of cooking, baking and food preparation

Normally I find cooking and baking totally boring and annoying because when I get home I just want to put food in my face that I did not have to chop or sauté or really even put on a plate … but when you’re doing any of those things with someone you love, it’s like you’re making little food children together. You know that you can also later Instagram and eat and congratulate each other for making such cute stuff together via kisses. Nothing can match this. Nothing.



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