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Amber Rose Struggles to Move on From Exes’ Name Callings


Amber Rose has been well known for her charismatic relationship with Kanye West and her marriage to Wiz Khalifa.  The star has separated from both partners but she is struggling to move on from the terrible things they had to say about her. The 31 years old mother of one was shedding tears during her speech in Los Angeles about slut shaming.  Amber went on stage with a black sexy lingerie and shared that Wiz Khalifa said “I fell in love with a stripper and fell out of love quicker “.

Amber Rose assured that she has forgiven the father of her child for such a remark, she then talked about her ex-boyfriend Kanye West for saying that he had to shower 30 times so he can get Amber out of his system and date wife Kim.  Amber Rose assured the women who had attended the event that she forgives these people for the bad mouthing.

Written by Petunia Sibuyi

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